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    My 2018 Goals

    My 2018 Goals | Essential Twenty

    It’s the last day of 2017 (bloody hell, that’s flown) so it’s time to set goals and resolutions. I find this a bit of a challenge every year, so I’m keeping with some easy goals that I can definitely achieve. Nothing in terms of numbers since every social media site is awful right now, but things that I want to achieve over the coming year. Some of these do follow the tasks I set myself earlier in the year as well as those I failed at from this time last year, but this time I’m far more focused. I can do this!

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    Why Blogmas Is So Tough This Year

    Blogmas Day 17 | Essential Twenty

    For the past two years Blogmas has been a breeze. But this year it’s been so tough to get my bum in gear. What is it about 2017 that has made blogmas, and blogging, so tough? I may have a few ideas, but let me know if you’ve got other struggles with the blogosphere.

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    December So Far

    Blogmas Day 16 | Essential Twenty
    Today’s post was going to be all about my trip to Lincoln Christmas Market, but I had another idea. Whilst I could’ve taken a ton of photos, as I was spending time with someone else I just stopped thinking about Essential Twenty for a bit. I enjoyed the day (apart from getting elbowed by a really rude woman pushing past me to get on the train) away from my camera and instead I’m talking about everything I’ve done through December so far. 

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    I’m In A Blogging Slump

    I'm In A Blogging Slump | Essential Twenty

    I know just a couple of weeks ago I was on a real blogging high. I was excited to improve my blog, try new things and just have a great time. But now, I’m in a blogging slump. The biggest slump I’ve ever been in. And this is not good considering blogmas is just a couple of weeks away and I’m not prepared in the slightest. Seriously, I only have two posts written for the entirety of December.

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    23 Tasks For Self Improvement At 23

    23 Tasks For Self Improvement At 23 | Essential Twenty

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Yep, today I turn the ripe old age of 23 and I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to post today for a good few months. I could’ve done 23 things I’ve learnt, 23 memories, something along the lines of a bucket list, you know, the usual birthday post. But last week it came to me. There are a lot of places in my life I’m looking to improve so I’m sharing 23 tasks I’ve set myself to improve my life. It could be blog life, it could be family life or it could be social life. But there are 23 things I’d like to improve on, and since it’s my blog I’m going to share it even if you don’t care. Also, enjoy the unrelated blog pics, my setup is currently covered in Christmas presents whoops!

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