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    Getting Organised In 2018

    Getting Organised in 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Happy New Year! It’s 2018 and I’m kicking blogging off with a bang. Every year I say that I’m going to get my bum in gear and get organised, and every year it lasts just a couple of weeks. Well in 2018 I’m turning 24, my lucky number, which means it’s the year I officially adult. I’m getting everything in order, and during the back end of 2017 I picked up a few bits to help me with the mammoth task of getting my life organised.

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    My Boxing Day Sale Haul

    My Boxing Day 2016 Sales Haul

    I feel like this post is long awaited if you follow me on twitter, and it’s a post that’s been almost a month in the making. It’s my Boxing Day Sale haul! I went a bit mad this year as it was my first Boxing Day in employment so I actually had money to spend for a change. My makeup stash has grown considerably after this and I’m sort of ashamed, but I really wanted to show you some of the incredible deals that I managed to find last month.

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    The Essential Box Of Lame

    Way back in the spring I bought my very first Box of Lame and fell in love. I’ve previously worked with That Lame Company on a blog post, so I decided it was only right that I supported them a little more. By the time the next Box of Lame was released, I was skint and couldn’t afford it (which I was gutted about) so I made sure I kept some money aside to buy the next one when it was released.


    I was one of the very lucky few (first 10 purchase-ees) to get a whopping 25% off my box, bringing it in at around £15 including shipping. A total bargain for a festive box that I can’t wait to share the contents of, and that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

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    Spring #BoxOfLame

    On Tuesday I got some very exciting post – my Spring Box of Lame from That Lame Company arrived! After receiving a few goodies from them to review last month, I knew I had to support them by making an order.


    If you want to see what this box of fun (literally the only way I can describe it) contained then keep reading.

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    That Lame Company

    That Lame Company is a gorgeous online retailer which gives me immense heart palpitations because they have the most beautiful stationery. And if there is one thing I love, it’s stationery.


    When I got the opportunity to receive some goodies from them, there was no way I was going to say no. These hand designed goodies are more than I can take!

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    My Stationery Wish List

    I love stationery. Stationery is love, Stationery is life.

    Let’s be honest, how many bloggers reading this don’t love stationery? It’s cute, it’s affordable (usually), and it keeps you organised. I have a really boring blog organisation system but it works so I’m scared to change it up. However, being a student, I can get away with still buying stationery and just say that it’s for university (it isn’t, it’s to look at and hold when I’m sad).

    Since school and college and university are all starting soon, there are so many deals on stationery, and so many gorgeous bits and pieces out there that I have been lusting over, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been wanting to pick up. My favourite places to pop in for stationery at the moment are Paperchase and Urban Outfitters, but you can pick up some lovely bits from other places (as you’ll see in this post).

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