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    My Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day | AD

    L'Occitane Mother's Day | Essential Twenty
    *This post is sponsored by L’Occitane

    Mother’s day is right around the corner (next Sunday to be specific) and if you’re anything like my boyfriend or my brother, you won’t even be worrying about it yet. But if you’re like me, you’ll be a) totally organised or b) stressing that you haven’t finished picking out all your gifts and how to make the day perfect for the main lady in your life. I’m currently in the latter boat – whoops!

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    Christmas Cocktail: Cranberry Tea Cosmopolitan

    Today’s post was supposed to be beauty related, but wordpress seems to have eaten about 1500 words and I can’t reproduce that as quickly as was required. Instead, I’m giving you a quick bit of Christmas inspo for a Tea Cocktail.


    We all go overboard with the booze at Christmas, so I’ve got a way for you to get the two British favourites into one sweet drink – tea and alcohol.

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    My Favourite Christmas Sides

    This Christmas, I’m going to entirely responsible for cooking Christmas dinner for me, my mum, my dad and my brother. I cook a full roast dinner regularly but there’s something about Christmas dinner needing to be special and go perfectly.


    Over the past month I’ve been cooking regularly to try out a few new recipes for Christmas day, and these are two that I’ll definitely be going for on the big day. All of these recipes are for four people, but you can multiply these up for as many people as necessary. Also heads up to Jack for trying to take a photo for me…I need to train him up in the New Year (but we were too hungry to retake).

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    Winter Drink Heaven: Baileys Hot Chocolate

    December means that all the coffee shops have their festive drinks and Christmas markets are in full swing, and at both of these places you find a wide variety of hot chocolate. My personal favourite is a Baileys Hot Chocolate, as the addition of this creamy liqueur makes it oh-so indulgent.


    I usually grab one of these at a Christmas Market (Leeds Market always does amazing ones that aren’t crazy expensive) but this year I decided it would be fun to make one myself, and it’s super easy!

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    Professional Cocktails at Home with Funkin Cocktails

    I always do an internal squeal of joy when I’ve been wanting to try a product for ages and I get to try it out for blog purposes. This happened a few weeks ago when Funkin Cocktails got in touch and asked if I wanted to try a selection of their cocktail mixers*.


    Funkin Cocktails supply the fruit mixers, you provide the spirits, and you get to make perfect cocktails at home!

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    Adele Live, 29th March 2016

    Last Tuesday I travelled over to Birmingham with my mum and my aunt to see Adele. I’ve wanted to see her live for so long, and I finally got to! And I wasn’t disappointed.


    Prepare for a photo heavy post because I went overboard on the pics. And I’m also writing a dissertation at present and don’t have time to do a wordy post.
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