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    My Christmas Cookbook Collection

    Blogmas Day 7: My Christmas Cookbook Collection | Essential Twenty

    Nothing screams Christmas to me like cooking. Whether that’s baking sausage rolls (my mum makes the best ones and I’ll fight you if you disagree), icing some festive shaped biscuits or whipping up the roast dinner of dreams, that’s Christmas to me. You probably only need one Christmas cookbook in your collection to help you with the big day, but I have a number in my stash!

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    Christmas Festivals: Eat & Drink + Ideal Home

    Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Festivals | Essential Twenty

    A few weeks ago, DenTek invited me alone to the Eat & Drink Festival at Olympia and I’m all about filling my face with all the food and drink at Christmas. This also included entry into the Ideal Home Christmas Show, and whilst this was going to be two posts worth of content, I’ve decided to put it into one bumper post for you. My London Olympia Christmas Festivals guide.

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    The Ultimate Blogger Gift Guide

    Blogmas Day 5: Blogger Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

    Today’s post brings the second of my two gift guides, with this one being aimed purely at bloggers. Yes, a blogger gift guide! My family are always asking what I want, and I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list as long as your arm of things you’d love. You’ve either seen them on other blogs, or heard things about them from other bloggers, or you simply want something to help up your blogging game.

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    A Foodie Gift Guide, Of Sorts

    A Foodie Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

    My first of just two gift guides this year is a shout out to my foodies. A foodie gift guide, to a degree. Whilst I don’t talk about it a lot on my blog (with the exception of some very old recipe posts), I am a big fan of testing out new food and drink. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen testing new recipes, and I’m always partial to a glass of wine or two. I actually end up getting a lot of food and drink related gifts, so I’m sharing what I’d be after this year…if I didn’t already have them.

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    My Christmas Shopping Tips

    Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Shopping Tips | Essential Twenty

    I’m an organised lady, and had most of my Christmas shopping completed two weeks ago. In fact, the majority of it was finished in October. Yes, I just love buying gifts! But if you’re not as organised as I am, I’ve got some fab Christmas shopping tips for you to follow. You might not fall in love with facing the crowds in December, but it might make for an easier ride this Christmas!

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    Harry Potter: A History Of Magic, The Exhibition

    Harry Potter: A History Of Magic | Essential Twenty

    When I got an email back in April all about the Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition at the British Library, I snapped up those tickets pretty quickly. If I wasn’t able to get tickets to Harry Potter & The Cursed Child then I was going to find something else London based to fill the Harry Potter shaped hole in my life. 7 months later, the day rolled around for me to attend the exhibition (which I was unfortunately unable to photograph) and I took my first steps into the British Library, and behind the scenes of the history of Harry Potter.

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