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    Why I’m Skint: Christmas Clothing

    Christmas Clothes Haul | Essential Twenty

    This year I’ve gone a bit mad on three things: Christmas jigsaw puzzles, Christmas presents and Christmas clothing, specifically pyjamas and socks. I have a bit of a thing where I treat myself to a new jumper each year, or at least that’s what I tell myself. This year’s single new jumper has become more than just a jumper and a t-shirt, as well as plenty of sock sets, and three pairs of pyjamas. Christmas Day is so close now, and you might not have picked up the exact clothing you want to wear. Maybe this post will help. Then again, maybe it won’t as we’re crazily close to the big day and I know I can’t bring myself to go shopping!

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    My 2017 Christmas Jumper Wish List

    Blogmas Day 12: My Christmas Jumper Wish List | Essential Twenty

    I bloody love Christmas jumpers. In fact, Christmas clothes of any sort I’m all eyes and ears for. Any other holiday you can forget it, but give me a tacky jumper during December and I’m one happy lady. In fact, give it another year or two and I’ll probably own enough festive jumpers and t-shirts to allow me to wear a different one all month! I just love treating myself to a Christmas jumper or two every year.

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