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    To Be Read 2018

    To Be Read 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I read a fair amount at the start of 2017, I didn’t quite read as much as I wanted to. I think I overdid it by averaging 2-3 books per week in the first four months. Whoops? And since I barely touched my 2017 to be read list, why not try 2018 with a better list for me?

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    My Christmas Cookbook Collection

    Blogmas Day 7: My Christmas Cookbook Collection | Essential Twenty

    Nothing screams Christmas to me like cooking. Whether that’s baking sausage rolls (my mum makes the best ones and I’ll fight you if you disagree), icing some festive shaped biscuits or whipping up the roast dinner of dreams, that’s Christmas to me. You probably only need one Christmas cookbook in your collection to help you with the big day, but I have a number in my stash!

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    How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff

    How Not To Travel The World | Essential Twenty

    With the countdown until I hit Europe for a few weeks of travel ticking down to 10 months, I’ve been lapping up all the information I can get. I’m a planner, and I’ll be explaining more about that in a future post. But alongside the serious planning, I’ve been reading as much about travel experiences as I can. Blogs have been my main source, but I’m dying to read more travel memoirs. The first book I’ve picked up that isn’t a guide is How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff, a book that I devoured in just a few short sittings (and I probably would’ve read in one go if that little thing called work didn’t get in my way). 

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    My Recipe Book Wish List: Spring 2017

    My Recipe Book Wish List: Spring 2017 | Essential Twenty

    If you read my post all about how I meal plan, you’ll have seen a sneak peak of my recipe book collection. It may look like it’s getting out of control but I’m happy with how it’s coming along. Yes, it isn’t complete yet. My collection currently houses around 50 books from a variety of authors, but I want to expand it! A lot of sad little secrets about me are revealed in this post so keep an eye out to learn all about me (you’ll just realise how dull my life is).

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    Recently Read #3 + A Book Giveaway

    Recently Read #3 | Essential Twenty

    After posting not one, but two, recently read posts, I’m back with another today. But today I’m here with something a little different. Sure, I’m going to carry on with my mini reviews but I’m also going to be doing a little giveaway of my favourite book out of the 8 to go alongside this post so stay tuned to the end of this post for that!

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