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    December So Far

    Blogmas Day 16 | Essential Twenty
    Today’s post was going to be all about my trip to Lincoln Christmas Market, but I had another idea. Whilst I could’ve taken a ton of photos, as I was spending time with someone else I just stopped thinking about Essential Twenty for a bit. I enjoyed the day (apart from getting elbowed by a really rude woman pushing past me to get on the train) away from my camera and instead I’m talking about everything I’ve done through December so far. 

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    My Ideal Christmas Eve Box

    Blogmas Day 15: My Ideal Christmas Eve Box | Essential TWenty

    Christmas Eve boxes didn’t exist when I was growing up. Or maybe they did, and it just wasn’t something my parents bought into. I do know of a few families who’d get new PJs every Christmas Eve, but we definitely weren’t one of those families. Now Christmas Eve has its own present opening celebration with a box to open early. There’s quite a few things that I know I’d put in my ideal Christmas Eve box, and I might be able to help you if you’re stuck for ideas and you are responsible for putting one together. 

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    Yankee Candle Home Inspiration 8 Votive Christmas Scents Gift Set

    Blogmas Day 14: Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Christmas | Essential Twenty

    When I was planning out my Blogmas posts a couple of months ago, I decided a Christmas scent post would be wonderful. But I forgot how expensive candles and reed diffusers are! Last year I picked up some bargain candles from Tesco to burn over Christmas, and for the rest of the year I pretty much exclusively burn IKEA candles. Instead of dropping a bomb on candles I may or may not use, I picked up the Yankee Candle 8 Votive Christmas Scents Gift Set to test out a whole host of scents.

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    Pinterest Christmas DIYs

    Blogmas Day 13 | Essential Twenty

    I’m rubbish at arty projects. I’m a scientist through and through and this blog is the most creative I get. This doesn’t stop me scrolling through Pinterest for festive DIYs I’ll never complete though! But if you are a little more artistic than I am then maybe this list will give you some last minute Pinterest Christmas DIYs to complete over the next couple of weeks.

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    My 2017 Christmas Jumper Wish List

    Blogmas Day 12: My Christmas Jumper Wish List | Essential Twenty

    I bloody love Christmas jumpers. In fact, Christmas clothes of any sort I’m all eyes and ears for. Any other holiday you can forget it, but give me a tacky jumper during December and I’m one happy lady. In fact, give it another year or two and I’ll probably own enough festive jumpers and t-shirts to allow me to wear a different one all month! I just love treating myself to a Christmas jumper or two every year.

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    Another Christmas Lush Haul

    Another Christmas Lush Haul | Essential Twenty

    It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t buy anything from the seasonal Lush collection. I’ve not been buying a lot of bath goodies recently, but I had to treat myself to a few bits from the 2017 Christmas Lush range.
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