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    Origins In Bloom

    Origins In Bloom | Essential Twenty

    You’d think that living fairly close to Cambridge, and going there semi-regularly for work, I’d go to more events in the city. But I don’t! I know that Sally hosted an event at the Origins store in Cambridge at the back end of last year but I wasn’t able to go, but for her Spring event I blocked out a Saturday so that I could go. I’ve not tried a lot from Origins, but I’ve loved what I have tested so I was eager to learn more about the brand, as well as hanging out with some local bloggers.
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    Blog At The Beach, January 2018

    Blog At The Beach | Essential Twenty

    Last weekend I took my monthly trip to Yorkshire. But instead of spending the weekend with Jack, I took the regular journey to Leeds for the Blog At The Beach Event. I actually went to a similar last summer and came out so inspired that my blog took a new turn over the the following months. Well this time, I’m writing about my new found inspiration, what I learnt and where I’m hoping my blog will go from here.

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    Gifting At The Perfume Shop

    I find blogging events hard to come by now I’m home in Peterborough. I don’t know what it is but I’ve accepted it now. However, the Peterborough Bloggers were all invited to an event at The Perfume Shop back in November to learn all about how they’re helping us find the perfect gift this Christmas.


    Buckle up and get ready how to find Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest.

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    Finding Your Perfect Fragrance with The Perfume Shop

    On Wednesday, I had a very last minute invitation to an event at The Perfume Shop in Peterborough where myself and only two other bloggers (two!) learnt the art of finding our perfect fragrance.


    I didn’t have my camera with me so I only have a few phone pictures for you, but I was so engrossed in what the store manager was telling me I didn’t really take many photos anyway!

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    Blogger Tiki Party

    Just a quick post today, mainly because it is now 11pm the day before publishing and I need to be up at about 7:30 to go to the zoo in the morning. I just want to do a very brief post on the Blogger Tiki Party that was run by Kirsty at the weekend.


    I have a full vlog on the day coming tomorrow but I just want to share a couple of photos and give my thanks to her in blog form.

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