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    My Foray into High End Lip Products

    Although I’ve put myself on a very strict spending ban at the moment, my trip to America introduced me to a new side of makeup – high end lip products. I’ve never really been that into lipsticks or glosses or anything until the last few months, mainly due to laziness (I could never be bothered to reapply colour throughout the day), but I’ve been slowly getting braver with lip products as this year has progressed.

    High End Lip Selection

    When I was in America, I bought a Sephora Gimme Some Lip Set (which I feel has since been discontinued because I can’t find it online) and I was hooked on high end lip products. Sure, these aren’t the most high end of products, but I need to start slowly. Until I known I’ll wear them, I’m not going mad at a Tom Ford stand.

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    Smashbox #shapematters Palette

    Smashbox have brought out their first and only 3-in-1 kit for brows, face and eyes. This is a Christmas gift must-have for any makeup fans, and it’s a great addition to my collection. This post is based solely on my first impressions, but they’re pretty good impressions.

    This is the definitive palette for shaping your brows, contouring your face and creating the perfect eye look. The matte packaging looks as luxurious as you could hope for, and also comes with a fully functional brow and shadow brush.

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    September Favourites 2015

    Only three more months until 2015 is over! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. With it being the beginning of October, I have a new favourites post coming at you.

    I spent the first half of September in America so a few of these products I discovered there and used a lot on my travels, but the other half of the month I was in the UK moving to my new flat and I’ve had the chance to use up bits that I left here.

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    My Mascara Collection

    The makeup product I have the biggest love-hate relationship with is mascara. I find it very difficult to find one that works for me, and when I do manage to, after a couple of tubes I don’t like it anymore.

    Top – Bottom: Rimmel Kate Moss Idol eyes, Seventeen Doll’d Up, W7 Lashtastic, No 7 Intense Volume, Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express, Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde, Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione, No 7 Midnight Lash, Benefit They’re Real, Maybelline One By One, Benefit Roller Lash, Clarins Be Long.

    So without further ado, here is my mascara collection.

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    Empties #1

    One of my favourite types of blog post to read and youtube video to watch are empties. I know that if someone has finished a product, they can do a completely honest review on it. I actually buy a lot of things I see in peoples empties, simply because if they’ve finished it, they’ve probably really enjoyed it. I also get really excited when I manage to finish a product I’m using for the first since I try out so many different things.

    Lets excuse the poor photography. I was in a bind and only had one evening to take a photo of these before I moved and I didn’t want to take empty bottles with me.

    If I finish and repurchase it, you know it’s a good ‘un. I also moved a couple of weeks ago, so I wanted to photograph these before I left so I knew I had a post waiting for me in the wings to publish. It made sense for it to be this one because then I didn’t have to cart empty bottles to my new flat with next to no storage space.

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    I was sad so I went shopping – The Haul

    It feels like ages since I last posted to you due to the fact that I’ve been away for three weeks and had everything scheduled. But I’m back! And this next week or so is going to be a little bit of a muddle until I sort out a routine but hopefully I’ll be back to normal shortly.

    Last week I had the post-holiday blues (holiday posts will be popping up within the next couple of weeks), so I went shopping to cheer myself up.

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