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    A Superdrug Skincare Haul | All Cruelty Free

    In January 2018, I declared that I was going cruelty free with my beauty products. This means makeup, skincare, bodycare and haircare. I’ve had just one slip up so far, and that was due to poor packaging, but other than that I’ve been doing okay. There are a lot of products I don’t need to repurchase for quite some time (I have more mascara than any girl needs, and I have a few shampoos knocking about), but I’ve been having a skincare overhaul and wanted to try a few more CF bits and pieces. Lucky for me, all of Superdrug’s own brand products fall under the cruelty free label.
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    Early 2018 Treats

    Early 2018 Treats | Essential Twenty

    Recently I found myself splurging and buying a few treats to myself – a belated valentine from me to me? It started as a blog prop splurge to help me up my photography game (it’s one of my goals for this year but I’ve been lacking the motivation; I hope this helps), but this included a few books that I could use in photos…and some makeup. Hey, this girl deserves a treat every now and again!

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    Testing In Beauty, March 2018

    March Beauty Testing | Essential Twenty

    My beauty hat is firmly back on after a little bit of a break from it. After picking up a fair few new products over the previous months, I’m properly back in the beauty testing saddle. This month I’m testing some products that have been in my stash for a little while as well as some brand new goodies that have dropped on my door mat over the past couple of weeks.

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    New In My Makeup Stash, February 2018

    New In My Makeup Stash, February 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I’ve not been buying a whole lot of makeup recently (let’s be honest, all my money is going on theatre tickets), in December I did treat myself to some new bits in the Boxing Day sales – and the pre-Christmas sales – as well as getting a couple of products for Christmas. I’m  finally getting around to sharing these goodies so that I can finally review them for you in the coming weeks. This is also my last new in my makeup stash type post that will include non-cruelty free products that I’ll have bought for myself as I went CF with my beauty buys this year.

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    My Work Week in Lipstick

    My Work Week In Lipstick | Essential Twenty

    I allocate 10 minutes each morning to do my makeup for work, and I have got it down to a pretty speedy 7. But this doesn’t allow much opportunity to play around with  makeup in the morning. I’m obviously not going to rock up in the highest coverage foundation, double wings and bright blue lipstick, but I’m making it my aim to switch up the my lips but better shades I wear on a daily basis.

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    Boxing Day 2017 Beauty Haul

    Boxing Day Haul 2017 | Essential Twenty

    Last year I put together a monster post all about what I’d picked up in the Boxing Day sales, and I’m doing it again this year! I don’t think I spent quite so much, but I did pick up some bits I want to share with you. In my 2018 goals, I mentioned that I am going cruelty free with my beauty products and not all of these are, but this is the last time I will be sharing non-CF purchases on my blog in a haul fashion. Sorry it’s taken so long (again), but I had to wait for Mr Postman to bring most of this to me!

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