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    Early 2018 Treats

    Early 2018 Treats | Essential Twenty

    Recently I found myself splurging and buying a few treats to myself – a belated valentine from me to me? It started as a blog prop splurge to help me up my photography game (it’s one of my goals for this year but I’ve been lacking the motivation; I hope this helps), but this included a few books that I could use in photos…and some makeup. Hey, this girl deserves a treat every now and again!

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    Boxing Day 2017 Beauty Haul

    Boxing Day Haul 2017 | Essential Twenty

    Last year I put together a monster post all about what I’d picked up in the Boxing Day sales, and I’m doing it again this year! I don’t think I spent quite so much, but I did pick up some bits I want to share with you. In my 2018 goals, I mentioned that I am going cruelty free with my beauty products and not all of these are, but this is the last time I will be sharing non-CF purchases on my blog in a haul fashion. Sorry it’s taken so long (again), but I had to wait for Mr Postman to bring most of this to me!

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    Another Christmas Lush Haul

    Another Christmas Lush Haul | Essential Twenty

    It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t buy anything from the seasonal Lush collection. I’ve not been buying a lot of bath goodies recently, but I had to treat myself to a few bits from the 2017 Christmas Lush range.
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    My 2017 Christmas Beauty Gift Wish List

    I don’t feel like I’ve spoken a lot about beauty recently, and that’s where my blogging roots lie. I personally am not in a place where I want to spend a small fortune on new beauty products and have been getting through some of my old products. But with Christmas coming up, I can always ask for someone to gift me some beauty sets, so I’ve created this Christmas Beauty Gift wish list (one of only two wish lists this blogmas series) to share what I think is worth picking up this season.

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    Skincare 101: Acids in Skincare

    Skincare 101: Acids | Essential Twenty

    Up until a couple of years ago, I’m pretty sure we’d all steer clear of anything obviously acidic. Other than vinegar on my chips and the occasional lemon segment in my water, I never touched the stuff. Now acids have become a huge part of most people’s skincare routine, especially in higher end brands. I finally decided to sit down and research exactly what does what to your skin.

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