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    Empties, September 2017

    Empties, September 2017 | Essential Twenty

    I didn’t think I’d finished up that many beauty products this month until I pulled out the drawer I store them in last night. Oh boy, have I used up a lot of products! A few makeup products, the odd bit of haircare and a variety of other goodies. A lot of products I’ve used up before, or previously reviewed, so expect to see some favourites in this month’s empties post!

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    Empties, August 2017

    Empties, August 2017 | Essential Twenty

    I know that I said I didn’t think I’d be posting an empties this month as I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and using other people’s products, but I’ve got a pretty full post today. Whilst there’s not makeup, I’ve got a few bits of hair and skincare, as well as a bubble bath and a perfume that I’ve used up. I’ve done well!

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    Empties, July 2017

    July Empties | Essential Twenty

    Wow I’ve done really badly at finishing up products this month. I feel like I’ve used up a lot of sachets and just stuck them straight in the bin, and I’ve got a lot of products that are a couple of uses away from being finished. However, I probably won’t be doing an empties in August as I’m going away for two and a half weeks and I’m not sure if I’ll get much used up that is actually mine. We’ll see. But for now, here is my very pitiful attempt at an empties post.

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    Spring Favourites 2017

    Spring Favourites 2017 | Essential Twenty

    It doesn’t seem five minutes since I wrote my winter favourites, but here I am with my spring favourites. 2017 is flying! I’ve been trying out so many new products this month that I could easily just call this my May favourites, but some of these have been favourites since March so that would be a little unfair on them.

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    Empties, May 2017

    May Empties | Essential Twenty

    I really enjoyed summarising what I used up in April so I’m back this month with another empties. May’s edition doesn’t have quite as much makeup, but there’s still a fair amount. I’ve also been using up a few of my products deluxe sample sizes in terms of skin and body care this month.

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    Empties, April 2017

    Empties, April 2017 | Essential Twenty

    This definitely was not the post I had planned today, but we’re just going to roll with it. About 10 days ago I was sorting out my various beauty stashes and found so many products with just one or two uses left. I had to finish these bits up, so I have an impromptu empties post today. I actually really want to start doing these monthly as I love reading them, yet nobody seems to do them anymore. I have written empties posts in the past, but I’m going to restart from scratch and turn this into a monthly thing.

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