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    My Boxing Day Sale Haul

    My Boxing Day 2016 Sales Haul

    I feel like this post is long awaited if you follow me on twitter, and it’s a post that’s been almost a month in the making. It’s my Boxing Day Sale haul! I went a bit mad this year as it was my first Boxing Day in employment so I actually had money to spend for a change. My makeup stash has grown considerably after this and I’m sort of ashamed, but I really wanted to show you some of the incredible deals that I managed to find last month.

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    Getting Christmas Party Ready

    For the past three Christmases I’ve been a student. For two of those years, the entirety of December was a big party, and I spent most of December on crutches in the final year. However, being a working girl now I’ve been invited to drinks for Christmas, and I want to make myself look my best.


    There are a few easy ways to make yourself Christmas party ready in a pinch, especially if it’s a quick rush job after work.

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    My Hand Cream Staple

    I handle a lot of chemicals at work and wash my hands repeatedly. I also splash corrosive chemicals on them a lot (I’m too clumsy to work in a lab). This destroys the skin on my hands and they’re constantly dry!


    However, I’ve found my ultimate hand saviour and it comes from L’Occitane. Expensive, but worth it.

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    Rub Rub Rub by Lush

    Way back in October, I celebrated by 21st Birthday. I see myself as a pretty avid Lush fan so mum bought me a few goodies that she knew I could use at uni where I am currently bath-less. She specifically asked for products that didn’t require a bath, and whoever served her recommended Rub Rub Rub.

    Rub Rub Rub 1

    This can be found on the Lush website for £8.95 for the smaller 350g pot, or £14.95 for a 665g tub. I have to smaller tub and I can tell it’s going to last me a while since I’m only about an inch down in five uses!

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    August Favourites

    I can’t quite believe that I’ve managed to stick to a schedule for an entire month. Wow. So this is my first ever favourites post, and as this goes live, I’ll have been in America for almost a week (if I’ve got my dates right, we’ll be leaving the Denver area today and heading to Monument Valley – I’m sure I’ll be tweeting and instagramming whilst in America, so you can check out my most recent posts by clicking the links there, at the bottom of this post, or in the Contact section). This favourites post was a little hard, because I’ve had this scheduled for a couple of weeks, so this is more like a mid-August favourites, but some of these bits have been favourites since before August started. Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling and get on with the post.

    I’ve got a fairly good mix of makeup, skincare and bodycare (and even one haircare product, and I’m really not fussy with my hair) this month, so I’m going to dive right in with makeup – my actual favourite.

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    How I store my Skin, Body and Hair Care Products

    Although I’ve been scheduling so many posts recently so my blog stays updated whilst I’m in America, it occurred to me that I didn’t have a post written for today. So in a weird make do blog post, I’m going to show you how I store my every day Skincare, Hair Care, and Body Care products. This is likely to change in September because I’m finally buying the 5 drawer IKEA Alex (eventually I want to get a second and the IKEA Linnmon Table Top to make a dressing table, but I’m a poor student and can’t afford that right now), but this is just how I keep it right now. I’m not 100% happy with it but it works for me for now, and it’s been fine whilst I’ve been home this summer.

    This is the IKEA Billy Bookcase which I bought for my second year of university. My room was particularly small, and was lacking storage so I bought this as a cheap alternative to drawers. There is a shelf not pictured below here which currently houses my university textbooks and folders and stuff, and it’s the perfect length for them all.

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