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    Sophie, Wear SPF

    Sophie, Wear SPF | Essential Twenty

    My name is Sophie and I am rubbish at applying SPF. In 4 days I’m jetting off to Spain (are you sick of me talking about it yet? I’m in dire need of a holiday) and on more than one occasion I’ve had severe sunburn. I’ve got to the point where my skin has blistered, scabbed and scarred on my shoulders. I’ve been sick, I’ve been unable to sleep and I’ve had a blooming miserable holiday. Now I’m older, I’m definitely an advocate for wearing sun cream.

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    Getting Summer Body Ready

    Getting Summer Body Ready | Essential Twenty

    A few weeks before I jet off to an exotic location – a rare occasion for me – I like to get my body in tip top condition. Many pamper sessions are had and I get myself into full summer mode. With just 4 weeks until I fly to Spain (not the most exotic, but at least the weather is good), I’m starting to think about which body products I’ll be using to get myself ready for a week of sun. Maybe I’m not beach body ready, but I will be summer body ready. This is accidentally a post all about how much I love The Body Shop, and I’m not even sorry.

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    Body Care Wishlist, Summer 2017

    Summer Body Care Wishlist | Essential Twenty

    I’ve finally decided, at the ripe old age of 22, that I need to up my body care game. Every birthday and Christmas I get a million body care products but never use them properly. But now I’m cracking on with it! For the past month I’ve slowly been getting more body care products into my routine, and that also means I’ve been adding to my wish list. And that’s what I’m sharing today.

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    Empties, May 2017

    May Empties | Essential Twenty

    I really enjoyed summarising what I used up in April so I’m back this month with another empties. May’s edition doesn’t have quite as much makeup, but there’s still a fair amount. I’ve also been using up a few of my products deluxe sample sizes in terms of skin and body care this month.

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    Empties, April 2017

    Empties, April 2017 | Essential Twenty

    This definitely was not the post I had planned today, but we’re just going to roll with it. About 10 days ago I was sorting out my various beauty stashes and found so many products with just one or two uses left. I had to finish these bits up, so I have an impromptu empties post today. I actually really want to start doing these monthly as I love reading them, yet nobody seems to do them anymore. I have written empties posts in the past, but I’m going to restart from scratch and turn this into a monthly thing.

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    The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue

    The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Cream

    Hands up if you have a 9-5 job that means you’re on your feet most of the day? *Raises Hand* Unless you’re working in a shop, it’s not something that you find people doing very often but my line of work it’s mainly standing at a lab bench with occasional sit downs for a cup of tea. After 13 years of ballet lessons back in my prime (talking like I’m middle aged) and four months in this particular job, my feet are not too happy with me but I’ve definitely found the solution to supple feet. What an enchanting post…but hear me out.

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