Budget Christmas Candles

I’m raising my hands up and admitting that I don’t like the B&M Bath & Body Works dupes. And I didn’t like B&BW when I went into store when I was in the states. Sorry bloggers, I just don’t like the scents on offer


So I was looking around for alternatives that didn’t cost a bomb (Yankee, I love you but you are too expensive for me to burn through as quickly as I do at this time of year) and I found the perfect option in Tesco for a mere pound each!

Coming in three scents (I think…I can’t find them online and these were the three they had in my local store), it’s completely justifiable to buy a selection. Sure, they’re not the prettiest looking candles but they burnt beautifully and throw of a wonderful, festive scent.


Frosted Gingerbread doesn’t have an overwhelming smell of gingerbread but it smells like Christmas baking. It’s sweet, but in a spiced way (not like the cookie offerings from Yankee which I do find to be very sweet) that makes my brain leap to Christmas.


Cosy Christmas has the weakest scent of the three candles, and is a little more subtle for people who aren’t the greatest fans of scented candles. The best way to describe this scent is that it has a slight hint of the frosted cranberry scents you get in candles around this year.


Mulled Wine gives a spiced cherry scent, similar to mulled wine but slightly sweeter. Every Christmas Eve we have three slow cookers filled with mulled wine cooking away, and I can confirm that it isn’t a sweet as this candle, but they’ve done a pretty good job at putting it into candle form.

Each have a burn time 30 hours so 90 hours for £3 is a total steal! I’m tempted to pick up a few more before the madness of Christmas shopping hits in a week or so as I’m quickly burning through these!


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