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Boxing Day Sales Tips | Essential Twenty

Christmas Day is nearly here, which means Boxing Day is just one step behind. Last year I went a bit mad in the Boxing Day Sales but I managed to pick up a tip or two when I was spending all my December pay on makeup. Need Boxing Day sales tips? I’m your lady. And are you still Christmas shopping? Check out my Christmas shopping tips post.

#1 Get Looking Early

Last year, a good chunk of my sales shopping was done on the 23rd and 24th of December. January sales are starting earlier and earlier, and if you dither, you’ll miss it. In fact, some will have already started. For the last few years the ASOS sale has started today so get browsing!

In store, many Christmas related products may have been reduced. John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have both reduced the price of decorations, cards and wrap a week or two before in the past so if there’s anything you’re dying to get your hands on then I’d do this now. Wait too long and you may miss it!

Online, John Lewis begin their sale on Christmas Eve. By Christmas Eve night most of the real bargains were already sold out. This is the same for M&S and Next. But remember, this is online only. If you want to head into store, reductions won’t begin until the 26th, and in some cases, the 27th.

#2 Sale Launches

Don’t shop til you drop too early, as there are many stores that drop their prices on Boxing Day itself, or even Christmas Day. Whilst I don’t recommend spending of Christmas Day at your laptop shopping for bargains, by 5pm when everyone is having their afternoon nap you can definitely sneak a look. Or maybe earlier if you’re a little worried about missing a deal.

25th December BIG Sales

Amazon (up to 50% off)

Argos (up to 60% off)

26th December BIG Sales

Mulberry (up to 50% off)

#3 Go Into Store

When a sale is very popular, sometimes it’s worth dealing with the crowd to go into store. I’ve spent hours looking for Boxing Day deals online at Lush as it’s a queue system, and by the time I got in last year, there wasn’t that much left. If you can survive a trip to town at 9am after a day of stuffing your face then maybe that’s your best bet for Lush.

If something is out of stock online, it’s definitely worth looking in store if you have the time. Quite often Boots and Superdrug no longer have gift sets available in their warehouse but they’re still on the shelves in store. I know this was the case for the coveted Soap & Glory Star Gift in 2015, with stock still available well into January in stores!

#4 Plan

If you are going into store, make sure you plan. If you just want to wander aimlessly then your local shopping centre will not be your friend. People going in on the 26th, much like people going in on Black Friday, will be on a mission to get the best deals.

Know where you want to go, what you want to buy and how much you have available to spend. Sure, you can live on toast for all of January if you spend everything you’ve got, but do you really want to? Most stores have a 28 day return policy so if you do regret a purchase, you can usually return it. This won’t always apply, but for clothes and electrical this might be your life saver.

#5 Spend Now, Save Later

Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, cards and non-consumables such as stationery are worth stocking up on in the sales. I know everyone is skint by the end of January because of early pay and going mad in the Boxing Day sales, but think how smug you’ll be when you’re organised for next year by the end of the month.

I use this time to stock up on my gift wrap and cards, as well as non-tat presents that can be kept aside for later in the year. But if you’ve got January birthdays to buy for, maybe skip on the obviously Christmas themed gift sets!

Good luck with your boxing day sales shopping!

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