Why I Can’t Get Enough of The Book Of Mormon

Why I Can't Get Enough of The Book Of Mormon | Essential Twenty

I’m a big theatre fan, we all know that. In fact, it’s a real shocker that it’s been a month since I last went (don’t worry, that’ll be rectified this weekend). However, there’s one show that I’ve seen 4 times on the West End, and that’s The Book Of Mormon. I just can’t get enough! Whilst this isn’t a review, it’s a reasoning as to why it means so much to me.

The Book Of Mormon took the 2011 Tony Awards by storm, and that was the first year that I really watched. I was in the Tumblr theatre fandom and it was also the time I was going through my first minor bout of depression. I listened wistfully to the show dreaming that I could see it in all its glory one day, and my wishes were granted in 2013 when it hit the West End.

I saw The Book of Mormon twice within the first six months of it opening. Before this show, I’d never seen a West End show more than once. I mean, why see a show a second time? But think about it, we watch films more than once so why not a theatre production?

Why I Can't Get Enough of The Book Of Mormon | Essential Twenty

Each time I’ve been taken hold by milder bouts of depressed, the theatre has been there. It seems daft, but just two hours away from the real world can be the biggest relief you could hope for. If I get that feeling of pure joy from seeing a show, why wouldn’t I want to go again and again?

I’ve seen it with internet friends, school friends, alone and this summer, The Book of Mormon became the first West End show that Jack and I saw together. We rarely share experiences like this together, and I’m so happy that he’s been exposed to the world of musicals that so many people forget about.

I’ve seen a few other shows more than once, including Half A Sixpence (which I’ve written about a couple of times), but nothing means more to me than two hours laughing at the lives of two mismatched Mormon missionaries.

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