Why Blogmas Is So Tough This Year

Blogmas Day 17 | Essential Twenty

For the past two years Blogmas has been a breeze. But this year it’s been so tough to get my bum in gear. What is it about 2017 that has made blogmas, and blogging, so tough? I may have a few ideas, but let me know if you’ve got other struggles with the blogosphere.

Low Engagement

We all know that engagement is at an all time low on Instagram. The loss on chronological order and this stupid new algorithm has done nothing for microinfluencers. And people are trying to beat the system, by playing the follow/unfollow game and by buying followers or comments. I for one have completely given up on it and until something is done about it, I won’t be going back to the platform.

But I feel like engagement is low everywhere in the blogosphere. You could always guarantee a boost in views and comments in the winter because this is when everyone remembers to blog. We all complain about the lighting and lack of photos, but it’s the time we don’t find curling up under the duvet to write a post or two in the evening. There’s no sun to make the most of by the time I get home from 6pm but even my mentality has changed now.

I need to be better at replying to comments and leaving comments for others (someone needs to make it easier from phones since that’s where I tend to read the most posts from), but when you’re not getting it either it’s hard to stay engaged.

Blogmas Is Hard | Essential Twenty

Other Hobbies

When Christmas comes around, I love to eat. And whilst that’s not a hobby, I do cook a lot more. I test out recipes for the big day (these roast potatoes from last year have become the only recipe I’ve used all year), I make mince pies and sausage rolls, and today I’m cracking on with my first ever gingerbread house. I’ve also been loving whipping out a jigsaw in the evening, or watching Christmas films. Fortunately all my Christmas wrapping is out of the way, and has been for a few weeks now, or I could even be using that as an excuse. There’s just too much to do in December to blog constantly.

Motivation Is Non-Existent

I decided I was going to take part in blogmas this year later than I normally do. I didn’t contact as many brands and I feel like I’ve already used up all the easy posts such as My Christmas Traditions and Christmas Decorations in my first year of blogmas, so each year it gets a little harder to stay on the festive theme.

There are other things far more important than sitting behind a computer screen during December, so since I got around to typing up my posts late I’m struggling. Seriously, if I didn’t have a week off ill at the start of the month I’d have probably scrapped blogmas all together. Still, two more days of work and then I’m off until the 3rd of January. Please come back motivation.

I really home this lack of interest returns after I’ve had a fun Christmas. I’m off to Lancaster on Wednesday until Saturday, and then the festivities begin. Maybe some time off where I’m not so ill will be more productive to my blogging, and I won’t struggle so much.

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