Blogmas Day 6: Why I Love The Festive Period

There are so many reasons why different people love Christmas – whether it be for selfish reasons or selfless ones. I have come up with 7 reasons why I love Christmas to share with you all as part of blogmas.

Day 6

Christmas Songs The day after my birthday each year, I start to seriously think about Christmas (my birthday is mid-October) and my inspiration usually comes from Christmas songs. I love both traditional carols and top 40 hits and my playlist currently has about 200 songs. There’s something about a little bit of Bublé that makes me feel like wrapping myself in tinsel and crooning along.

Spending Time With Family I don’t have a particularly close extended family, simply due to distance. But I know that every Christmas I will get to see my family and we’ll spend some quality time together. A couple of glasses of prosecco in our system means it’s like we’ve not been apart.

TV Specials & Films There is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket with a candy cane and hot chocolate and watching festive favourites. Every year I watch the Christmas films that I talked about on Day 4 of Blogmas, as well as all the Christmas specials that I can pack in each year. I love watching old Friends episodes which have a festive twist and Outnumbered have some great Christmas Specials.

Ugly Christmas Jumpers I’m all about the ugly jumpers all through the year, but there’s something slightly more acceptable about ugly jumpers at Christmas and I love that everyone jumps on the bandwagon. My collection of Christmas jumpers is ever growing, and I can’t see it stopping any time soon!

Christmas Candles There are few things better than the scent of Christmas. To me that is mince pies, mulled wine, winter berries and cinnamon, and you can get all of these in candle form. Personally I think Primark do the best ones in terms of value for money, but there are so many gorgeous scents out there that

Trimming The Tree This year, I went a bit mad and decorated a full two weeks ago ago, but I love the sight of Christmas tree lights. Decorating the tree really signifies the start of Christmas for me and I get more and more excited with each present that I put underneath it.

The Food I saved my favourite until last. I love roast dinners, and my uncle makes the best Christmas dinner. We usually get this meal a few days after Christmas but it’s so worth it. I love all the trimmings and I even enjoy brussel sprouts! But I can’t forget the chocolates and cakes that go along with Christmas day delights!

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