Blogmas Day 4: My Top 5 Christmas Films

One of the best things about Christmas is the festive films that are on television. You can guarantee that there will be something on at all times across the channels, and if you’ve got Sky like I do at home, there is an entire channel dedicated to Christmas movies. My favourites are probably the same as many of yours and it’s because they’re all brilliant films.

Day 4

Elf – Elf is one of those films that never fails to make me laugh out loud. I’m not the biggest Will Ferrell lover, but Elf is a classic. I can’t remember which year I first saw it, but I remember it being late November/early December one year, and it was on Channel 4. The entirety of my dad’s side of the family sat down to watch it at my uncle’s house and it always reminds me of family. Elf is on every year quite early in the season so for me it’s a great way to kickstart Christmas.

Love, Actually – The first time I watched Love, Actually was when I was in Spain in August 2008. Sure, not the most conventional time to watch it, but it was definitely a great choice. When I’m having a RomCom day (no matter what time of year), this always ends up in the mix. I love the festive feel as well as having some of the greatest British actors all bundled together in one film.

The Holiday – Possibly second only to Elf, this film makes me cry with laughter and sadness every time I watch it. This is always on ITV2 throughout the year (not just Christmas) so I must watch it at least four times over the year. One of my favourite things about this film is that Jack Black doesn’t play stereotypical Jack Black, and I love it.

The Santa Clause – Can I just say how excited I was to see this pop up on Netflix a few weeks ago? Tim Allen is absolutely hilarious as a replacement Santa and it’s one of the first few films I remember watching. I might have to watch then entire trilogy this Christmas! It’s one of those films that I always think everyone has seen but nobody knows what I’m talking about, so get watching.

The Snowman – Growing up in Britain, you can’t not love The Snowman! Sure, I can’t stand Walking In The Air, but the whole story makes me feel really Christmassy. It’s always on TV on Christmas Eve and it just gets you ready for Christmas Day. I’m yet to see the Snow Dog, so maybe I’ll make it my mission this year to see that.

I could name so many other films, but I’m pretty sure these are my top five. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

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