Blogmas Day 3: My Christmas 2015 Bucket List

This year, I have a bucket list to follow. Every year I never fulfill my Christmas wishes, so I feel like I will be more likely manage all of these wishes if I write them down.

Day 3

Maybe I’ll review this in my final post of blogmas.

Watch Home Alone Please don’t all shout at me! Yes, I know for someone who loves Christmas as much as I do I must’ve seen Home Alone, but I haven’t. I just feel like it’s too late now for me to watch it for the first time, but I’m determined to watch it this year (and my boyfriend is determined to make me).

Donate Food to a local Shelter I have a box waiting for me to take to a local shelter in my wardrobe. I know that on Christmas day I’m going to have a hot meal, a warm bed and get to spend it with my friends and family, but not everyone is going to get that. I want to help one way or another and this is my way of helping this year.

Go to Manchester Christmas Market I went to Leeds Christmas market back in November (there is a post in the pipeline about it, don’t worry) and now I’m dying to go to Manchester. I should be going with my boyfriend in the next couple of weeks and I’m ready to drink as much Baileys Hot Chocolate and my body and bank balance can handle.

Go To A Carol Service When I was younger, my mum and I would always go to a Carol service at a local church but that stopped well over 10 years ago. However, last year I went to one and I loved every second. I’m not religious in the slightest, but there is nothing more warming than singing in a large group of people.

See The Coca-Cola Lorry Yes, it’s definitely too cold to have an ice cold Coke when they’re handing it out to you, but it’s always such a festive event. This year it’ll be just outside my boyfriend’s flat and I can’t wait to go and get a silly photo by it.

Complete Blogmas I’m three days in and going strong, I can do this!

What do you want to achieve this Christmas?

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