Blogmas Day 19: #TLSXmas Gift Swap

Way back when (September, I believe), I put my name down for Katy‘s Christmas gift swap. I was matched with the lovely Jenna, we set a budget of £10-15 (on the account of us both being students) and after a few email and twitter exchanges, we had a list of our favourite things.

Day 19

I have to say, I think Jenna did a wonderful job in buying things for me and I’m really excited to share my goodies with you. I’m just a little disappointed with my photos but I’m stuck at my boyfriend’s with my bad knee and there is zero natural lighting in here so I did the best I could in a bad situation #bloggerprobz

TLS Gift Swap Wrapped

Everything came wrapped with a little note included and I’m going to be completely honest, as soon as this photo was taken I tore the paper off ridiculously quickly and just threw it everywhere. My boyfriend wasn’t too happy since I hadn’t cleaned it up when he got back from work (hey, I can’t bend down to pick it up with my knee!).

TLS Gift Swap Presents

Socks & Body Butter

Cards, Candle & Sign

I don’t know how well you all know me, but let’s just say that this box is absolutely perfect for me. Zebras are my favourite animal, chocolate orange is one of my favourite chocolates, I love Christmas, and I can’t stop burning candles at the minute. I found it hard to stick to the budget, but I think this is a really good example of how you can keep to an arranged price and still get great presents.

I’m especially excited to wear the socks because there is nothing better than wearing fresh socks (I’m that sad), and every time I head to Wilko I take a sniff at the candles so I’m really happy to have one now! I’m definitely going to have to put up the ‘Merry Christmas’ sign when I’m home for Christmas because I have no decorations in my room (they’re all with me at uni). Basically, I’m definitely going to get a use for all of these presents.

Jenna did such a wonderful job and I can’t wait to read her post about what I sent her (I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll definitely put a link out as soon as it’s up).

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