Blogmas Day 17: My 2016 Blog Goals

After yesterday’s life goals post, I wanted to discuss my blog goals for 2016.

Day 17

Before I set new goals, I need to reflect on the ones I set back in the summer.

Sticking To A Blog Schedule Check! And it works wells for me.

Improving My Photography Somewhat. Some photos are great for me but it’s definitely all about lighting and I can’t get that right now.

Meet Another Blogger Check! I went to #LeedsXmasMeet organised by Rhianna a couple of weeks ago and met so many other bloggers and it was lovely.

Reply To Every Comment I Get I try, but I can’t promise this happens because I’m sure not every notification is received.

Review every blog post a week after publishing I wish I had the time to do this, but unfortunately this hasn’t happened.

So on reflection, I did pretty well at achieving my goals and targets. But now my blog has grown a little, I think I need new blog related goals. I’m going to set five more goals to achieve over the next year. I’ve since realised that replying to every comment seems a little unnecessary (as saying thanks is a little redundant, like I appreciate your comment but I want to properly converse now) and reviewing blog posts is a little time consuming right now. I want to continue with my other goals in the future, on top of the new ones I’m setting myself.

Hit 1000 Twitter Followers That’s just over doubling my current count, so it should be achievable. But I feel like hitting 4 digits means that my content will reach a good number of people as well as being a solid number of followers.

Hit a Collective 500 Followers Again, it’s around doubling my current readership across Bloglovin’ and WordPress. Sure, it would be lovely to receive more than this, but I feel like this is another solid number to hit and is pretty achievable over the coming year.

Attend More Blog Events I had such a blast at the meetup this months, that I want to attend way more blogging events. It’s so wonderful to meet like minded people and chat about blogging life with people who get it.

Get my Instagram Account Together I think my blog traffic could seriously improve with an active instagram account, but I’m really lazy with it. I’m trying to get a theme going but it’s taking a lot of time at the moment.

Tell more people about my blog The only person who knows in real life about my blog is my boyfriend, but I feel like a huge weight would be lifted if I told a few more of my nearest and dearest.

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