Blogmas Day 16: My 2016 Life Goals

The term ‘New Years Resolution’ is something I always think about too late in the year. I usually decide on the 1st January that I need to set a resolution or two, then by the 2nd it’s long forgotten. I thought it would be best to write out my ‘goals’ not ‘resolutions’ two weeks in advance on New Year’s Day so they’re out there, and people can shout at me if I don’t stick to them.

Day 16

Today I’m talking about my life goals, and tomorrow I’m going to set my blog goals for this year. I think these are two very different sets of goals that need to be blocked out by themselves for different reasons.

Get Fit Since starting university (over two years ago), my fitness levels have gone right down the toilet. I started fitmas a few weeks ago but my deadlines and dislocated knee have got in the way of that. My boyfriend and I are joining the gym in January and we’re determined to get fit together.

Eat Healthier This sort of goes hand in hand with getting fit. I really enjoy healthy foods, but my main issues are snacking and portion control. I need to find healthy snacks if I want to snack, and as a couple we need to make sure we’re only eating for two, not four (family sized pasta bakes are our downfall).

Graduate Last year I had a lot of ups and downs and didn’t even know if I’d make it to my final year of uni. As much as I love uni, I am definitely ready to graduate and get out into the real world. Fingers crossed that I’ll have something to do post-graduation though!

Continue to Manage My Mental Health I’ve spoken about my mental health a couple of times on this blog (Accepting Depression and Talking Anxiety) and I’ve definitely got a better hold on it now than I did six months ago. I’ve learnt that it isn’t about getting better straight away because that isn’t going to happen; it’s about learning coping mechanisms. In January, I’m supposed to be going to stress and anxiety management classes so that when I do struggle, I have ways to help myself without having a total breakdown.

Sure, I’ve got other little goals that I’d like to achieve, but these are the big ones that I know I need to sort to get my life the way I want it to be.

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