Blogmas Day 15: A Disappointing Christmas Present

This is the third post in a row with a sort of negative spin but this is a result of situations out of my control. I promise things will get more positive from here on out. Tomorrow is way more future orientated as opposed to me dwelling on the past.

Day 15

Do you remember as a child having that one toy that no matter how many times you asked for it, you never got it? Mine was Amazing Ally (watch this video if you don’t know what Amazing Ally is). Every time a new Argos catalogue came out, it’d be the first thing I’d circle. It was always at the top of my Christmas and Birthday lists for so many years and by the time I received it, it had been approximately five years of waiting.

Unfortunately, ‘amazing’ is the one adjective I wouldn’t describe Ally to be. ‘Weird’, ‘Laggy’ and ‘Pointless’ seem way more apt. She didn’t work the way that the advert said, and she was just plain creepy. Due to the most intense programming process (way harder than setting up laptops and phone), you could never turn her off or she would forget everything. But then she would just talk at you and tell the least funny joke imaginable and you’d want to turn her off. She didn’t ever read the accessories properly and said that her teacup wasn’t connected properly, and the games never functioned. I think I played with her for a grand total of two hours which was so upsetting because I’d longed for her for more than half of my life and she didn’t come cheap.

Sure, Furbys were (and still are) creepy, but I think because I’d waited so long for this doll there was way more to disappoint me. I should’ve stuck with my Baby Born. I think I played with her every day non-stop for a good three or four years, and the accessories were far better.

Have you ever received a gift that really disappointed you?

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