Blogmas Day 14: Monday Moan

I’ve got a very brief post to share with you all today. Due to a couple of situations beyond my control, I’ve not been able to take some blog photos required for the remainder of blogmas. I may also not be able to attend some ‘events’ that I wanted to before Christmas to make it into a blogmas posts. And there are two main reasons for this.

Day 14

I have so much uni work to do before Thursday Before the end of the week, I have an exam, a 2000 word dissertation intro to hand in, and two pieces of work to get started on & an exam to start revising for before the Christmas holidays. I know I’ll get it all done, but blogging is obviously not a priority right now.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I dislocated my knee I’m currently in a splint and on crutches, and tomorrow I have a referral to the fracture clinic to have it checked out by a specialist. This means I’m extremely reliant on my friends and boyfriend at the minute and can’t really go to places. I was hoping to go to Manchester Christmas Market on Friday but it depends how my knee is to see how I manage it.

So my posts may not be as festive as I originally hoped, and since I can’t angle my body (or get into my own flat because of steep stairs) at the minute, I can’t take photos. Wish lists bore me a little if they’re too samey so I’m going to try to mix it up for you. Hopefully I’ll get some photos done before the end of the week though because I have two posts that I definitely want writing before Christmas that will require pics!

Thanks for understanding

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