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Favourite Social Media Posts | Essential Twenty

Today I’ve got my final instalment in my miniseries all about blogging from real bloggers. Bloggers are queens (and kings) of social media and I love reading their tips about how they grow their following. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are all key tools for broadcasting your message so social following is so important!

Before I delve into social media, I just want to share Leah’s post all about how to effectively monitor your blog traffic. She clearly knows her stuff, and I need to take some of her advice. I’m a bit pants at looking at my analytics and one of my April aims to to get my stats tracked! Definitely give this post a read, whether you’re new to the world of Google Analytics or a seasoned user.

Since Emmy’s post about how she earned a ton of Pinterest followers went live, I’ve been trying to follow her tips to the letter. I find it extremely difficult to find new people to follow on Pinterest as well as gaining followers myself, so posts like this are extremely helpful to a newbie like me! I used to use Pinterest for the sole purpose of pinning recipes for me to make (don’t get me wrong, I still use it for this). Now I’m trying to use it to promote my blog. Hopefully when I track my stats a little better, I’ll find out whether this is actually working or not. Other top posts on growing your Pinterest followers includes how to win at Pinterest and how I grew my Pinterest following. Next month I might even try out a Pin scheduling site to see how that improves my Pinterest traffic.

Favourite Social Media Posts | Essential Twenty

I struggle so much with Instagram. To be honest, I hate it. I’m rubbish at taking photos, I’m lazy and I’m just uninspired 99.7% of the time with my photos. Bloody Instagram! But I’m determined to get back into it soon. My favourite posts include the best hashtags to promote your blog on Instagram, how to theme your Instagram, and how to grow your Instagram following: 10 tips from a fashion blogger. Just don’t let the higher rate of unfollowers than followers get you down!

I’m also addicted to looking at social media cheat sheets! These feature great tips for the best time to post during the day, optimum image sizes and the best social media for each type of blog and small biz. I’ve been stockpiling these to put together my own personal guide and they’re so useful.

Social media is flipping difficult, but I’m determined to get there! A lot of my favourite posts, a variety of those I’ve shared in this mini series and a few others, feature on my blog tips Pinterest board. I’m always looking to add to my boards so send over your links for me to pin them.

I’m going to be honest, I think that growing your social media accounts is all about pretty pictures. Life is busy and without good photos, it’s difficult to grow. We’re visual beings and that’s just the way blogging is going. That’s why I’m planning to up my photography game, as well as following my favourite guides on having the best blog that I can!

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