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I went to an event yesterday and I’m already writing my post on it. Look at me being up to organised with my blogging! I was going to say up to date but it’s because I’m behind that I’m able to post as early as this. Whoops?


After a couple of hours on a train to Birmingham, a pitstop to buy Sleek’s Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette (I couldn’t not), I wandered over to Brum’s Jewellery Quarter to the Rose Villa Tavern for the Blogger’s Halloween Party, organised by Kirsty and Ashton.  After attending Kirsty’s last event, I knew I had to get my name down sharpish and I’m so glad I did as I had a pretty wonderful afternoon.

I arrived about thirty minutes early which lead to me helping with the set up which I didn’t mind at all. And then after that it’s all a bit of a blur to be honest. I designed a pumpkin, I customised my own fragrance (full details coming in a future post), I won some raffle prizes and I had a really lovely time catching up with some of my faves who I don’t see all that often. Although in classic Sophie form, I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I had. Would it be an event if I actually had time to take decent photographs?


I will be posting more about the products I received in the goodie bag and the raffle which is probably what you care about more, but I want to give a huge shout out to Goodyful, Dr. Botanicals and The Perfume Studio for being such wonderful brands at the event itself, and UBU, Nuva and Hygge Tea (because I won their raffle prizes…I had a pretty good haul which if you’re reading this before 8pm on the day of publish you can check out on Snapchat: EssentialTwenty).


I honestly don’t understand how the girls put on such a fab event whilst living so many miles apart. Every time I attend an event like it I want to put my own on, but the pressure of achieving something as spectacular as other bloggers manage puts me off it. I’m not organised enough for all of that! But please girls, organise another one ASAP.


Okay so I went a little off topic, but thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the day, and I’m really sorry if I failed to talk to anybody that wanted to talk to me (as if you wanted to talk to me). I was a little overwhelmed by all of the new faces to be honest! I hope to see you at the next one though.


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