My Favourite Blog Tips From Other Bloggers

My Favourite Blog Tips | Essential Twenty

I’m veering off the beauty and lifestyle route for the first post this week. I’ve been reading a lot of posts related to improving blogging, social media and photography so I’ve decided over the next week I’m going to share various post in that vain. A round-up, if you like. Blog tips galore for you to peruse!

General Blogging Tips

When I’m in a blogging rut, I turn to pinterest for blogging tips. When you were at school, you have to study to improve, and blogging is the same! This year I’ve definitely taken to reading more books to up my creatively levels as well as my blogging/photography skills. Some of my favourite blogging tip posts that I’ve seen recently are as follows:

Content Improvement

In a couple of weeks I’m off work for two whole weeks! Over this time I’m going to be working on my posts and really trying to up my blog game. All of these posts have been bookmarked ready for me to reread at a later date (despite reading them a number of times in the past)

My Favourite Blog Tips | Essential Twenty

Blogging Organisation

I couldn’t not share my top tips for blog organisation in this post, but my other favourites include the following:

Do you have any blog tips on your blog? On Wednesday I’ll be sharing my top posts all about social media growth and on Friday it’ll be about photography, but until then, I hope this one helps!

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