Bloggers Ball 2016

On Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to head into Central London (for the first time in months) to attend Scarlett‘s Bloggers Ball.

Bloggers Ball 1

Myself and around 300 other bloggers made our way to DSTRKT in Piccadilly Circus for an afternoon of networking with brands and meeting with friends old and new, and I thought it was worthy of a vlog and a post. So here’s your post!

I met Laura and Beth at Peterborough station, then Kat and Chris on the train. After around an hour, a load of picnic food and a few too many glasses of prosecco we made it to King’s Cross (tipsier than we should’ve been). A short tube ride to Piccadilly Circus with a short burst of entertainment from a group of musicians in our carriage lead to us bumping into Sally. And then we could get into the event!

It’d be too difficult to talk about every single brand there because on my estimate there were around thirty. 30 brands wanting to tell us little bloggers about their products! I learnt so much about so many brands and I’m currently in the process of emailing some of the brands to be added to their mailing lists as they have some really exciting products that I’m dying to hear more about.

The lighting wasn’t the easiest to take photos in but I have vlog footage so make sure you check that out when my vlog goes live tomorrow!





I’ve had my eye on the bag in that photo above (although I wish I had a better photo of it) ever since. Oh Love Moschino you’ve got my heart racing! Tessuti may be getting some of my money very, very soon just so that I can own this bag.

A group of us also headed to a pub near Green Park for a three hour long chinwag (and another couple of bottles of prosecco), and a short stop at the St. Pancras Champagne Bar before our train home. Basically a lot of chatter and a lot of bubbles!


I bumped into so many friends (old and new), and I just wish I had time to talk to everyone! If I blanked you or didn’t recognise you I’m so sorry; I was a little overwhelmed. I’d just like to give an extra mention to Pippa for being so wonderful and I’m so happy to have finally met her after being in the Cambridgeshire Meetup Group on facebook for ages.

I also have to thank Scarlett for throwing such an amazing event and all of the brands for being crazy generous! I’ll definitely be chatting about some of the products a little more in the future, but for now I should leave the post as it’s getting late and I still need to email a load more brands just to say thanks!


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