The Ultimate Blogger Gift Guide

Blogmas Day 5: Blogger Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

Today’s post brings the second of my two gift guides, with this one being aimed purely at bloggers. Yes, a blogger gift guide! My family are always asking what I want, and I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list as long as your arm of things you’d love. You’ve either seen them on other blogs, or heard things about them from other bloggers, or you simply want something to help up your blogging game.

Blogger Must Haves

You’re probably not looking to spend a small fortune on your blogging loved ones, but every little helps. At the Blogger’s Blog Awards I was lucky enough to win the raffle which included this Smartphone Lens Kit which I’ve been playing around with a fair bit. It’s a bit of fun, and a quirky gift for photography lovers. And to keep your phone going on the go? Portable chargers are a must! You can even get a personalised one from USB Makers, just like this Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat powerbank*.

Organisation is key as a blogger. Whether your full time job is blogging, or it’s just a hobby you have to balance alongside your 9-5, you have to be strict. Notebooks and to-do lists are always a fab gift, but time management isn’t my biggest downfall. It’s budgeting. The Kakeibo: The Japanese Art Of Saving Money* is a budget guide that runs for a full year and I’m so looking forward to using it in the new year to help me save!

The Ultimate Blogger Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

I’ve been taking part in the occasional webinar recently, and added plenty of blogging courses to my wishlist. Whilst I’ve not taken part in many, I’ve got my eye on Superstar Blogging (a course for travel bloggers) and The Blogcademy. Maybe in the new year! But it would be the perfect gift for any aspiring blogger.

There’s so many different items that you could buy a blogger, such as new lenses (one day the Olympus Pen 17mm lens will be mine), ring lights, premium scheduling packages, a photoshop subscription, and a newer faster a laptop. I could endlessly list off products your nearest and dearest bloggers could be after, but you’ll have to ask your blogging love for specifics. Sorry folks, my blogger gift guide isn’t that clever!

Niche Specific Gifts

A combination of beauty, interiors, travel, food and fashion, this section is all about what you can buy your favourite bloggers products that fit within their niche. Got a beauty lover in your life? I’ve compiled a list of my favourite beauty gift picks this year, but you can always find many more for all budgets across the web. I personally love this stocking filler gift guide from Kate La Vie (one of my all time favourite bloggers for all things beauty and interiors), but just google ‘beauty gift guide’ and there’ll be so much inspiration out there for you. You don’t just want a blogger gift guide for that, you need detailed research which I’ve steered clear of this year.

Bloggers Gift Guide: European Scratch Map | Essential Twenty

Have you got a keen traveller close to you? I’ve had my eye on scratch maps for quite some time, and with my plans to spend a month on the continent looming the Maps International European Scratch Map* is a perfect gift! Maps International also create world maps and UK maps, including gin and whisky distillery scratch maps, and football ground maps and I’m definitely looking at getting a couple more. I’m looking into getting a frame to hang over my bed for this map which will be perfect for when I get back from my summer of travelling.

If you weren’t convinced by my foodie gift guide, then maybe a cooking course will tickle the fancy of your favourite food blogger. I’ve never been on one, but I can imagine your foodie love will really enjoy one. There are a couple of books out there about food writing and photography, including a couple that I have in my collection that also make great gifts. Will Write For Food by Dianne Jacob is the complete guide to writing about food, whether that’s blogging, cookbooks, restaurant reviews. If you’re new, or even a seasoned pro (pun not intended), this book could help your food blogger bae on their way to food writing glory. The Flavour Thesaurus looks at which flavours pair well together, and is full of knowledge when you want to create your own recipes. Niki Segnit has done a great job with this book! I have a bit of an idea about what I want to discuss in 2018 when it comes to food, but I needed some guidance and so far these books have both been wonderful.

Blogger Gift Guide: Food Writing | Essential Twenty

And if in doubt, treat them to a pamper. Buy some Lush goodies, some nice shower gel and bubble bath (my grandparents got me the photographed set of I Love… goodies and I’ve been saving it for Christmas), some skincare or a new set of PJs. Essentialle sent me some face oils which would make beautiful gifts, but make sure you know skin type they have before you get them! The Essentialle Elasticity Boost Toning Facial Oil* is for dehydrated skin, and is also perfect for reducing stretchmarks and uneven skintone, leaving a plumped and firm complexion. The Essentialle Remedy Multi-Active Reblanacing Face Oil* is for oily skin, and leaves it clear, corrected and fresh after use. Treat your favourite blogger to a pamper; they’ll thank you for it. I’ve also loved the Konjac Mini Pore Refiner* recently, which makes a lovely little stocking filler.

You can even treat them to some festive candles. Bloggers love a candle, and if your budget extends as far as Jo Malone or Diptique then all the better for us bloggers, but you don’t have to spend a fortune for a few candles. Yankee Candle always release a ton of seasonal candles and I got an incredible set during Black Friday containing a large jar, a medium jar and 5 votives for just £15! This was a bargain I’ve not seen again, but a candle always makes a great gift. If you want a little stocking filler, you could always pick up a mini jar candle from Primark like this pug one I picked up.

Blogger Gift Guide | Essential Twenty

There are so many ideas that you can get your blogging pal, and I actually sent links over to Jack like this so that he’s got something to buy his favourite blogger: me! So get sending this blogger gift guide to your nearest and dearest so you get what you really want this Christmas.

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