Beating Blogger Burnout

Beating Blogger Burnout | Essential Twenty

Okay, so you probably haven’t noticed but I took an accidental break from blogging for the past week. It’s not been a long break, but it’s been a necessary break. Blogger burnout is real and whilst I’ve never experienced it first hand, I’m pretty sure I can say that I sort of know how to beat it.
Organisation is my number one tip. I’ve previously shared my organisation tips which have changed a little, and I’ll be sharing my updated organisation soon. However, I’m pretty good at sticking to a schedule which definitely helps me. By keeping a schedule, it means that I am able to plan it advance what I want to write. Some weeks I can’t write quick enough, but other weeks nothing comes to me. By pencilling post titles into my calendar (and giving myself notes if need be), I’m able to always have post inspiration at hand. I currently have enough post titles to last me until mid-April whilst blogging 5 times a week! Yes, from mid-February I am going to be blogging five days per week. I’m a little busy at work over the next couple of weeks to start now, but it’s coming. Ridiculous maybe, but because I’m feeling inspired I can move on with my next tip.

When I’m feeling inspired, I write as much as I can. But I never publish off schedule. Some weeks I can smash out 10 posts (my record is 15 in one week, although I don’t think I’ll manage that again for a little while), whilst others I write none. As long as you are able to average your chosen post numbers a week you’ll always be ahead. But by writing a few extras, and by staying a week ahead, you’ll be able to give yourself a break. My aim for February is to average 7 posts a week, and I’m currently 4 days ahead of schedule. So by the end of the month, I’ll be two weeks of into March. You don’t have to set anything to publish, but you can have your posts in your drafts ready and waiting. This means that nothing is set in stone, but you’re ahead of the game!

Beating Blogger Burnout | Essential Twenty

But what about when you’re uninspired? It happens to all of us, and if you’re a little more restricted when it comes to writing up your posts. My go-to is doing all the admin that I regularly ignore. Unsubscribing from those pesky email lists that you’ve been added to without giving permission. Rewriting bios across my social accounts. Reading other blogs. And taking photos. Photography is my big one when I’m lacking inspo. Posts such as post ideas, facts about you and life updates are the perfect excuse to use up any stock photos. Photography that is obviously yours, but not post specific. I’m going to be honest, I’m a bit pants at remembering to do this, but when I do I’m so happy about it. If you’re a beauty blogger, it’s also beneficial to store up your new products to take photos of before you use them. I have a permanent box (which often overflows into a drawer) of new products that I’m yet to take pictures of and I frequently use my quiet moments to tackle this arduous task. Which reminds me, I have some products to photograph this week!

By taking a break, I was able to have a wonderful time at a wedding over the past weekend. I was able to refresh my skills. I was able to do admin. I was able to just chill. And boy did I need it. Blogger burnout didn’t beat me, and I’m ready to start afresh for February!

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