Bat Out Of Hell, Press Launch

Bat Out Of Hell, Press Launch | Essential Twenty

Bat Out Of Hell has had a pretty rocking go of it over the past year all so. From Manchester tryouts, to the London Coliseum and onto Toronto, Bat Out Of Hell is back in the capital at the Dominion Theatre for audiences to enjoy all over again. And this girl right here was invited to the press launch earlier this week. I know!

I’m going to raise my hands and say that I was never sold on Bat Out Of Hell, simply because I saw it as a jukebox musical of a group I don’t know much about. I’m not kidding when I say the entirety of my Meatloaf knowledge comes from watching Glee. I knew it had sold well, but there were so many shows ahead of this on my to watch list last summer when this was on so I just spent my summer days waltzing past the Coliseum. But I may have been swayed to see it this time.

At the press launch, we were treated to an exclusive gig, livestreamed to Facebook, at the American International Church involving the cast members singing some of the most iconic songs from the show, followed by the quickest meet and greet I’ve ever been part of (which I don’t have the photos of; that’ll teach me to leave photography up to other people), then a ten minute stroll down to the Dominion Theatre for a drinks reception and a sneak peek of where the staging was at less than three weeks from Bat Out Of Hell’s first night. My first error was giving up alcohol for lent, so I had to settle for a Diet Coke rather than a glass or two of wine. My second error was not leaving more charge on my camera battery. I wish I managed to capture a little more info at the get-in, but I did learn some real insights behind what it takes to put on a West End Show.

Bat Out Of Hell, Press Launch | Essential Twenty

Everything about Bat Out Of Hell is massive. Since its Manchester debut, there have been added cast and crew, and naturally the set has grown too. Whilst the set at the Dominion Theatre has been built especially for the stage, everything has been kept from each venue (including 17 containers being shipped back from Toronto). And we were fortunate to see the set being worked on whilst being in the Dominion for the get-in. I couldn’t believe so few people built it into the theatre and has just a couple of weeks left to complete it! There are very few events that let you really see behind the scenes, especially this early on, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

It boggles my mind that such big productions want to work with bloggers like me, and invite me to press events to feed my thirst for theatre knowledge. Seeing the stage when it’s not quite ready and hearing the incredible vocals (how they’re going to do that 8 shows a week I have no idea) has got me so excited for the takeover of the Dominion Theatre – quite a contrast to the last production I saw there.

Do you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, especially with Bat Out Of Hell’s 8 What’s On Stage nominations earlier this year? Bat Out Of Hell begins previews at the Dominion Theatre from April 2nd.

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