Another Christmas Lush Haul

Another Christmas Lush Haul | Essential Twenty

It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t buy anything from the seasonal Lush collection. I’ve not been buying a lot of bath goodies recently, but I had to treat myself to a few bits from the 2017 Christmas Lush range.

I was actually a little disappointed in my local store’s Christmas selection, and I really should’ve done an online order or popped into the flagship store on Oxford Street on a London trip. But instead, I stuck with my local and came out with these few of bits.

Bubble Bars

I loved the Christmas Eve bath bombs, but they’ve now been switched out for a bubble bar. I wish this was a bath bomb, but I couldn’t not have it ready for the night before Christmas. It’s one of Lush’s most relaxing and sleep inducing scents.

Christmas Lush: Christmas Eve | Essential Twenty

The My Two Front Teeth bubble bar was an impulse buy as I walked towards the till, but it smells delicious. Lavender, neroli, tonka and vanilla: dreamy or what? It’s not the most beautiful of Christmas Lush products, but it just smells divine and I can’t wait to use it.

Christmas Lush: My Two Front Teeth | Essential Twenty

Bath Bombs

Golden Wonder is a yearly favourite, and one I try to pick up in the sales if it’s still available when I get through online. It’s fresh and citrusy, and I love the blue shade it leaves the water. It feels like a gift to use and this is actually the first time I’ve bought this in advance of the sales in quite some time.

Christmas Lush: Golden Wonder | Essential Twenty

The Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb is my alternative to buying the Snow Fairy shower gel. I love the scent, but the shower gel is getting pretty pricey now for the amount you get and I’m having to pass on it (especially since I never feel that clean when I use it). This bath bomb means I’m able to get the smell for a one-off festive treat. I’m yet to try a jelly bomb so I’m excited to give this a go. Since Snow Fairy is my mum’s favourite, I picked up a second one of these for her for Christmas too.

Lush Christmas: Snow Fairy | Essential Twenty

Shoot For The Stars. I picked it up in the sale last year, and it smells just like Honey, I Washed The Kids (my favourite scent from Lush other than Snow Fairy). This leaves the bath a beautiful colour and I’m excited to use this once again. This should definitely be a year round product, and it’s one I’d buy all the time if it was a regular release product.

Christmas Lush: Shoot For The Stars | Essential Twenty

Christmas Sweater bath bomb so I was really excited to pick this up. Containing coriander seed oil, ginger, and clove, this will be super energising: perfect for after a mad Christmas shopping trip. Beautifully spicy; great for Christmas!

Christmas Lush: Sweater Weather | Essential Twenty

And The One’s I Couldn’t Get My Hands On

As I mentioned, the selection in Peterborough was a bit rubbish this year but there are a few more products that I wish I could’ve picked up. The Luxury Lush Pud is a favourite that wasn’t in my local store, and nor was Snow Angel. I was really excited to give Christmas Cracker and Plum Snow a go for the first time too but there were none available. Maybe in the sale, or next year. I’m also really gutted that Father Christmas has been discontinued because that’s one of my favourite Christmas Lush products and it’s one I’ve bought every single year for as long as I can remember.

Christmas Lush Haul | Essential Twenty

Have you treated yourself to any of the Christmas Lush products this year? Or are you holding out for the sale?

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