A Seasonal Pamper Night

Christmas is in 2 days. 2 days! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be needing a wind down because I’ve been celebrating for weeks already. But my favourite way to wind down is to run a deep bath, put a film on and let the hot water wash all my cares away.


Everyone has their own way of giving themselves a pamper, but I’ve put a festive spin on my usual routine this week to give me some relaxation before the madness begins tomorrow (Christmas Eve counts as Christmas in my family, so I need this relaxation stat).


As I’ve already mentioned, I love a bath. Lush always sell fab Christmas products, and I’m counting down the hours to the sale. I was the luckiest girl in the world when they offered to send me one of my favourites – the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar* – and I’ll be combining this with the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. When I have a bath, I don’t usually bother lighting candles unless it’s a special occasion. I’ve been loving burning the Spiced Apple Compote Candle from Muji, but I’d definitely recommend picking up these Tesco candles if you can get into store before they sell out.


Some people like to relax in the bath in silence, but I personally love to set my iPad or laptop up on a chair by the side of the bath. I usually use this time to catch up on a tv show (or three), but since I’m being a little more festive at the moment, why not go for a Christmas special or a film? My personal favourites are the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special, the Outnumbered Christmas Specials (who else is as excited as me that they’re doing a special this year on Boxing Day?), The Santa Clause and The Holiday. Check out my Christmas DVD haul for some inspiration, and you  can even follow my movie night post if you really want to make an evening of it.


One of my favourite feelings in the world is sitting in a warm bath and sipping an even warmer drink. My Baileys Hot Chocolate Recipe has been a favourite of mine this month, but it can be a little too indulgent at times. I usually opt for a pretty basic cup of tea, like the Dragonfly Tea English Breakfast Tea*, but since it’s Christmas, I’ll probably making all the cups of the M&S Christmas Mulled Fruit Infusion Tea. Or maybe even mulled wine from tomorrow when we have three slow cookers full of it on the go making our house scream Christmas!


Skincare is something that I was really into a few months ago, but I’ve been a little lax as of late. Don’t worry, it’s one of my new years resolutions to get back into it! However, on a pamper night skincare is a must for me. I have a huge face mask stash to choose from, but this festive wind down I might reach for both of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks in my stash – perfect for multimasking. They even have festive colouring, with the glow mask being red and the purity mask being green. Christmas on my face.

And if you’re not interested in a full on pamper like this, then just do what you have to do to relax for twenty minutes. Pick up a book, put on a YouTube video, do some baking, do what will relax you in the run up to the festive madness.


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