A Little Lush Christmas 2016

Despite the spending habit I found myself in last month, I’m trying to curb my spending a little bit. But is it really winter if you’re not having a bath filled with all of the Lush products?


I bought a few bits to keep me going through the festive period before the Lush sale hits – bring on Boxing Day when all the festive goodies that are left go down to half price!

The first three products that I bought are products that I’ve owned before. So White never looks like it’s going to be anything special, but once it breaks open it gives the brightest green centre and a gorgeous apple aroma. I don’t love apples, but I love the crisp scent during winter (the apple range in The Body Shop is my favourite). Father Christmas is another bath bomb that is green on the inside, but this is a little more citrussy but very sweet. Think Snow Fairy but not as strong. Butterbear is identical to Butterball, and whilst I don’t love it the way some people do, I think it’s great for the cooler months as it’s very nourishing on the skin thanks to the addition of cocoa butter. This is the cheapest product that Lush has out for its Christmas collection this year.




Star Dust has a beautiful vanilla scent which isn’t overly offensive. As an actual bath bomb, it’s nothing special – it doesn’t boast bright colours or surprises on the inside, but it does smell really nice. I hope it fills the bathroom with this scent, rather than just evaporating into nothing. Shoot For The Stars is identical in scent to the Honey I Washed The Kids Range (probably one of my favourite lush scents of all time). Previously this has resulted in a blue bath, but this year it has been reformulated and turns the water green which makes me a little sad because the previous blue was so pretty. Thank you to All Things Lush UK for hitting me up with all the details on these two unknown products to me.



I’m going to be honest, I don’t love Lush as much as I used to. I love the idea, but I’m sure it’s more expensive than it used to be and I don’t want so much glitter in my life. The scents aren’t as standout as they used to be and all seem to merge into one. But it won’t stop me buying them until I can find a better alternative.


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