A Christmas DVD Haul

Despite loving Christmas more than life itself, and only watching Christmas films on the run up to the big day, until recently I only owned 6 Christmas films (and four of them are the Home Alone box set).


It was about time that I picked up some DVDs to fill out my collection and to give me more room for choice when I want to watch a film around this time of year.

The Santa Clause is one of my all time favourite Christmas films and I feel like people don’t talk about it as often as they should. Tim Allen is a star in this film, so I picked up the box set of all three films from the series for a mere £6 on Amazon.

Speaking of The Santa Clause, I also picked up another box set from Amazon: The Disney Christmas Collection. This also contains The Santa Clause, but for £12 for a further 5 films that I don’t own, I don’t mind. This box set includes a ton of films I’ve never seen but they’re festive so why on earth not? These are A Christmas CarolSnow BuddiesThe Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Muppet Christmas Carol and Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas. All of the Disney favourites in one handy box set (also please don’t shoot me for never having seen The Nightmare Before Christmas)!

Another Disney Christmas favourite, and one that I owned on VHS back in the day, is Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. I adore the opening of this film and when I was looking at my Amazon recommendations, this popped up for £5 and I snatched it up. It also seemed appropriate with the new live action version of the original coming out in a few months.

Sometimes I can’t quite believe that I didn’t previously own The Holiday and Love Actually on DVD, but it’s on so frequently over Christmas (and through the year. Yes, once I saw The Holiday on ITV2 in July) that I never saw a real need to. But sometimes I just can’t wait for ITV2 to get it’s bum into gear and show these films so that I can have a little festive cry, and for £4.60 they were a quick grab.

A film that screams Christmas which I’ve not watched for at least a decade is The Grinch, and it was only £5 in Primark when I popped in last month. I remember it being funny at the time, but someone was talking about it in the office at work about a month ago and I knew I needed to rewatch it.

Two Vince Vaughn holiday films that I hadn’t watched in some time are Fred Claus and Four Christmases which only cost £3 each on Amazon. Four Christmases is one of those easy watching RomComs which makes for easy Saturday night watching and Fred Claus is a more child friendly film for a Sunday afternoon.

I’m Christmas filmed up to my eyeballs! And yet I still want more. I still think I need Miracle on 34th StreetChristmas With The KranksThe Snowman and all my favourite Christmas TV specials (don’t worry, I already own Elf), but I’ll save those for another haul.


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