40 Blogmas Ideas

December is fast approaching, and for us bloggers that means one thing: Blogmas. I’ve got most of my blogmas planned (getting ahead of the game this year) but it took a long time to come up with all the ideas I needed.


So I’ve compiled a list to help you out. I’m not doing all of these ideas, and I’ve not shared a few with you too so that I can keep it a surprise each day next month. But make sure you bookmark this page if you’re planning on taking part in Blogmas for when the dreaded Bloggers Block hits!

1. Revealing your Christmas Decorations One of my favourite things about Christmas is getting to decorate, but now I’m back home with my parents the decorations won’t got up until a week before christmas (rubbish, I know), so I’m going to live vicariously through bloggers and their beautifully decorated homes.

2. Artistic Christmas Makeup Looks We all love seeing artistic makeup for Halloween, so why not Christmas?  Share your more artistic makeup skills with the blogging world.

3. Christmas Baking It’s not Christmas if you don’t roll up your sleeves and make cookies of some description. Get those hands floured and get baking!

4. A Christmas Playlist I’m a real lover of Christmas tunes, and I know most of you will be too. A Spotify or YouTube playlist is the perfect way to share you love of songs perfect for this time of year (and it can’t just be Bublé…or maybe it can)

5. Christmas Bucket List I wrote one of these last year, and failed miserably. But if you’re more stubborn than I am, you will probably achieve it.

6. Favourite Christmas Movies Everyone loves Elf, but forgets about my other favourite – The Santa Clause. Write a post on all of your favourite films to watch during the festive season.

7. Christmas Gift Guides Personally, I won’t be putting together gift guides that look more like wish lists because I think they’re boring and I never read them (soz), but I like seeing the products in action and more personalised shots. It’s totally up to you how to display it, but gift guides are a very popular blogmas post. I have got a couple of less traditional ideas though for this topic which may come out of the woodwork next month.

8. Christmas Market Visit Everybody loves a Christmas market, and I’ve got a couple of trips similar to markets in the pipeline which I’m hoping to blog about through blogmas. Popular blog posts along these lines are quite often Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham Christmas markets and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

9. DIY Christmas Decorations I’ve been pinning a lot of DIYs recently ready for the festive season. Why not try a few out and blog about your successes, or, even funnier, DIY failures.

10. Christmas Candles Reviewed Personally, I think Yankee Candle nail their Christmas scents each year (All Is Bright smells incredible) so why not pick up a couple and let your readers know what you think? Or are you obsessing over B&M’s BBW dupes? Compare a ton of different Christmas scents and you might even be able to pull together a gift guide of just candles!

11. OOTD (or a Festive Lookbook) We all know I’m not fashionable, but if you’re that way inclined a lookbook or OOTD (or OOTN if you’re going on a work’s Christmas do) is a fun way to spice up Blogmas. I might just model my ugliest Christmas jumper for the camera this year.

12. Christmas Nail Art Another thing that I’m no good at so won’t be posting is nail art, but if you’re any good at it I really enjoy scrolling through photos (pinterest is great for inspiration).

13. Guide To Christmas Wrapping I don’t get overly fancy with Christmas Wrapping most years, but this year I want to give it a little more effort.

14. Festive Cocktails We all love a tipple at Christmas, and I know that I’ll be sharing some of my favourites next month.

15. Christmas Wish List We’ve all got our eyes on some big ticket items, so why not share what you’re after with your readers? You could also send it to your family and friends if you’re brave enough (I’m not).

16. Build a Gingerbread House Something I’ve never done is build a gingerbread house, but every year I say I’m going to. I’m hoping this year will be the year!

17. Favourite Winter Fragrances I don’t really switch up my fragrance though the year, but I know some people do. If you’re one of those people who do, share your favourite fragrances for the cooler months.

18. Stocking Stuffers I don’t ever fill stockings (that’s my mum’s job), but there are some great gifts out there that would be perfect for putting in stockings. Share your favourites on the market.

19. Secret Santa Gift Ideas I somehow have got myself involved in 3 different Secret Santas this year, all of different price points. I need all the help I can get!

20. Favourite Vlogmas Videos/Blogmas Posts Towards the middle of December, so many posts and vlogmas videos will have been uploaded. I love spending a couple of hours each evening through December catching up on posts and videos and finding new ones is a real treat.

21. A Seasonal Pamper Routine We know that Lush brings out some stellar products for the festive season and sharing how you use them can always inspire people.

22. Goals For The Following Year I’m rubbish at keeping resolutions, but I’m pretty good at setting goals.

23. Christmas Jumper Wishlist I love Christmas jumpers; each year I buy two more and this year will be no different (Primark is a life saver for cheap Christmas jumpers). Share your favourite Jumpers on your blog and you might inspire someone for Christmas Jumper day.

24. Go on a Winter Walk You’d be amazed how great you feel by wrapping up warm and going on a walk on a Sunday afternoon, especially if it has been snowing. Take along your camera and you’ve basically got a prewritten post.

26. Healthy Christmas Snacks We all eat a little more than we should at Christmas, but an entire post on some healthier snacks to see you through the holidays is a great way to fill a blogmas post.

27. Find A Christmas Tag When in doubt, fill out a tag!

28. Christmas Eve Preparations I have specific Christmas Eve traditions that help prepare me for the big day and I’m sure you do too.

29. Your Christmas Day Traditions And don’t forget to share your traditions for the day itself!

30. Your Opinion On The John Lewis Advert We all know that the Coca Cola ad means Christmas is on its way, and its shortly followed by the John Lewis advert. Everyone always has something to say about the ad, and I’m sure you do too.

31. Favourite Christmas Memory Everyone has Christmas memories, good or bad. Share your favourite and relive the experience.

32. Your Favourite Christmas Specials I flipping love Christmas TV. Give me all the specials and I’ll be happy. Why not write a list of the ones you’ve enjoyed over the years or maybe a list of shows you’re excited to see this year?

33. Balancing Your Budget Over Christmas Christmas is expensive with gifts and food and work dos, but you must have a way to budget for it. Share your top tips with your readers one day of blogmas!

34. Seasonal Lip Products Is your lip routine just chapstick or do you have some favourite berry shades that you reach for each Christmas?

35. Winter Skincare Routine Most people’s skincare routines change as the months get cooler and it’s a great way to fill out a Blogmas post

36. Day To Night Makeup With all the festivities going on, you may be required to head straight from work for drinks. Maybe you have a quick way of taking your look to glitz and glam!

37. Christmas Season Menu What’s your go to food on certain days over Christmas? Do you always have cold meats on Boxing Day and a takeaway on New Years Eve? Share it!

38. How To Survive Christmas Shopping or Boxing Day Sales I love Christmas shopping, but I hate the hoards of people and I reckon most of you are the same. How do you survive the crowds?

39. What You Received for Christmas If you’re carrying on with Blogmas past Christmas, why not share what you received as gifts? I absolutely love these posts (mainly because I’m nosy) and I know so many people do too. Plus, they basically write themselves!

40. New Year’s Resolutions This will probably need a lot more thought than the others, but most people set resolutions. By sharing them on your blog, you have a way to remind yourself each day what you aim to achieve in the coming year.

Phew, that was a marathon! And I was initially going to think of 50 posts for Blogmas. I hope this helps with any of your bloggers block in the coming month or so.


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