4 Blogging Skills I Want To Improve On In 2018

A few weeks ago I was reading a post all about the 5 things Corinne wants to get better at when it comes to blogging, and I thought that was such a fantastic idea for a post that I’ve been thinking about which blogging skills I want to improve on in the coming months.

O1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is still a real minefield to me, even though I used the Yoast plugin. If you’re unaware of what SEO is, this is the process of trying to maximise clicks to your site through search engines through a variety of methods. This includes making sure your have sufficient links to your site (internal and external), minimal broken links, and including key phrases. The better your SEO, the higher the changes your site will gain organic traffic. I don’t know all that much about SEO but I’m always keen to learn. In fact, about a year ago I read a book that gave me the basics but I’ve basically forgotten it all. Time to get learning again!

4 Blog Skills I Want To Improve On In 2018 | Essential Twenty


HTML, or hypertext markup language, is something I have very little understanding on. I can add links, images and change the alignment of text…and that’s where my knowledge ends. But this year I’m determined to learn a little more about HTML. Not to coding standards, but just enough for me to be able to edit thinks a little better. I’m so jealous that this gets taught in schools now, but I have to do it all of my own back (alongside my blog and a full time job, and a serious theatre obsession).

O3. Photography

I hate my photos, mainly because I don’t enjoy taking them. My main issue comes from composition, because I really enjoy taking photos of places, but this year I’m going to get this right! I’ve recently treated myself to some new props, and a new backdrop and I’m going to play around with my camera a little more this year. I’m even going to get back into Instagram (which I’ve said a hundred times before), maybe.

4 Blog Skills I Want To Improve On In 2018 | Essential Twenty

O4. Collaboration & Networking

I definitely need to spend more time collaborating as part of my blog life. Whether that’s working with brands or other bloggers, I need to have a better network of contacts and collaborating is the way to do it. I’ve recently been using LinkedIn to connect with likeminded bloggers and press contacts, but this year I’m looking to actually work with people. That could be just meeting bloggers for coffee, pitching to more brands or going to work spaces when I have time off from work to blog from.

There are probably so many more blogging skills I should have, or should be improving on, but these are the four main areas that I’m looking at for the time being. Now to get to google and find out exactly how I can do these thing. Uh oh, maybe I shouldn’t have shared this with you guys because when I don’t improve, someone is going to judge me!

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