Zoeva Cool Spectrum Palette Review

Zoeva Cool Spectrum Palette

A brand that I can’t champion enough is Zoeva. Whilst I’ve not tried a huge number of their products, I have loved everything I’ve ever touched from them – their Cocoa Blend Palette remains to be my all time favourite. When I spotted the Zoeva Cool Spectrum Palette on Beauty Bay for a mere £15 back in November, I had to buy it and managed to pick up one of the last remaining palettes in that deal. A girl can’t have too many palettes! At least this girl can’t.

Whilst I hadn’t really been looking at the cool toned palette from this collection (the nude spectrum is what I had my eye on), when it was such a bargain I knew I needed it. Especially since I don’t own a load of cool toned shadows.

This palette contains 15 shadows in beautiful matte black packaging. I do feel that for the full RRP of £28.50 the packaging should be a little more sturdy, and it’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t come with a mirror (despite me never using a mirror found in palettes, the inclusion of one should be a given). The packaging feels very Nars-esque aka will get filthy very quickly and I wouldn’t want to travel with it as it’s not the most sturdy of palettes. Cardboard with a magnetic fastening isn’t ever a strong choice for palette packaging, and whilst I understand why brands produce it this way, it doesn’t make for a palette fun to travel with.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum

The only other downside that I can seriously point out is that there are no shade names in the packaging, just numbers. It just feels very unimaginative on the Zoeva’s behalf. Whilst this doesn’t make too much of a difference in the palette, I just like to see real names to match a shade.

Main issues aside, let’s move onto the main point of this post – discussing the shadows. Just like the Cocoa Blend Palette, the shades within this palettes are buttery and a delight to work with. They’re all very pigmented, easy to blend and I love the variety of both mattes and shimmers. The shimmers are definitely more pigmented than the matte shadows but the mattes are easy enough to build up if you are dying to use them. There is only one real transition shade which is a little disappointing, but as I said I wouldn’t travel with this it’s not a huge issue (I have a ton of other transition shades throughout my other palettes).

Zoeva Cool Spectrum First Column Swatches

CL130 is a matte white, CL100 is a pale metallic gold, CL070 is a pale rose metallic shade, CL040 is the closest thing this palette has to a transition shade and is a matte taupe-brown, and CL010 is a grey-brown matte shadow.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum Middle Column Swatches

CL140 is my exact skintone and a matte pale nude (perfect for blending with or setting a primer with), CL110 is an intensely pigmented metallic taupe-bronze, CL080 is a lilac with blue undertones, CL050 is a metallic teal, and CL020 is a metallic silver.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum Final Column Swatches

CL150 is a light grey with pink shift, CL120 is a bronze shimmer with copper undertones, CL090 is a blue-purple satin shadow, CL060 is a deep teal-green matte shade, and CL030 is a highly pigmented matte black.

The pigmentation of the shadows in this palette is incredible, especially shades CL050, CL110 and CL120. I definitely don’t have enough lilacs and teals in my collection so this palette is the perfect addition to my stash. My eye is still firmly on the Zoeva Nude Spedctrum Palette, even though I have a lots of similar shades already in my collection, but this palette is definitely worth the investment.

To be honest, all you need to attain from this post is that Zoeva shadows are the bomb and you need to get a palette or two in your collection. I’m dying to pick up a couple more palettes from Zoeva in the future and you definitely should too!

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