Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Review

Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato | Essential Twenty

Back in the summer I treated myself to some of the Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Range. I’m not usually one for jumping on the YouTube beauty bandwagon, but with an elderflower scent I could hardly pass it up. I’ve finally got around to trying all the bits and I can share what I think, just in time for Christmas (the people you need to buy for might be more into this scent than the Snow’Ella range, you never know).

The summer launch featured 8 products meaning I picked up half with 4 of the items now in my collection. The first product I tried was one that featured in my summer favourites, and that’s the Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Body Pudding. It leaves your skin smelling beautiful and feeling nourished, and I absolutely adore it. I haven’t used it much recently as with the harsher weather looming, I’ve been going for the heavier body butters and lotions. If your skin doesn’t need too much TLC but you just fancy a great smelling body cream, then this is the one for you.

Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato | Essential Twenty

I ended up buying both of the shower gels in the collection as I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more (and you can never have too many bottles of shower gel knocking about). I’ve been using the Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Shower Sauce a few times per week since I’ve had it and whilst I love the smell, it doesn’t stick around which is a bit disappointing. I also find it doesn’t lather up that well so I don’t love it, but I’ll finish it up over the winter I’m sure. It’s definitely like a sauce, and just splats out the tube. It’s 100% a gel, whereas I quite like a creamy product to use in the shower. It’s just not for me to be honest.

I sort of forgot about the second shower gel, the Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Shower Shake, and have only tested it out a couple of times over the past week. Unfortunately the packaging is dodgy on my bottle meaning it leaks everywhere which is a huge put-off for me. It’s a nice shower gel, but the packaging just puts me off using it. The lather is much better than the Shower Sauce, but I much prefer the packaging. Quirky can you only get you so far!

Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato | Essential Twenty

I’ve not bought anything from Lush in quite some time, mainly because I’ve decided that it’s overpriced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll pick up some Christmas bits but I just don’t use the products that often anymore. However, I do need a little bit of luxury every now and again so have been looking at alternatives. The Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Bath Frosting smells divine, just like the rest of the collection, but I just don’t like what it does in the bath. I love bubbles, and this just ends up making a nice smelling bath look murky. I’ve still got a couple of sachets left of this whilst I’ll obviously use up, but I won’t be repurchasing.

It’s a bit of a hit and miss range, but like all of Zoe’s beauty collections, they’re aimed at the teenage market. At 23, I’m not her target audience, and I accept that. As fun as the packaging is, I sometimes feel like the big YouTubers haven’t always thought about the quality. I’ll be sticking to my bits from The Body Shop I think, and just straying when something really peaks my interest rather than following the crowd.

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