My Work Week in Lipstick

My Work Week In Lipstick | Essential Twenty

I allocate 10 minutes each morning to do my makeup for work, and I have got it down to a pretty speedy 7. But this doesn’t allow much opportunity to play around with  makeup in the morning. I’m obviously not going to rock up in the highest coverage foundation, double wings and bright blue lipstick, but I’m making it my aim to switch up the my lips but better shades I wear on a daily basis.

Okay, so I called this post my work week in lipstick, but I am a little too faithful to a couple of shades so I ran this over a couple of weeks. Maybe ‘my fortnight in lipstick’ would’ve been a better title. Topshop Mink is one of my all-time favourite deep nudes and it’s so easy to wear, especially during the colder months, as it isn’t matte, but still fairly flat and long lasting.

Maybelline Velvet Beige is a little more glossy, and definitely more of a spring tone. Definitely not one I wear on a daily basis, but nice to switch it up every now and again. Another more glossy lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss Boho Nude*. This onr is really comfortable to wear but I always forget I have it (in fact, I’ve only worn it once…whoops).

My Work Week In Lipstick | Essential Twenty

My two most worn work lipsticks are Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria (full review) which is beautiful and runs in a similar colour to Topshop Mink, and Clinique Nude Pop, a more pinky tone. Both of these are matte lipsticks but with the Clinique one running more pink, I definitely find myself reaching towards this in the warmer months. They’re both crazy comfortable to wear, and I can’t get enough of them at the moment!

My job is in a lab and since it’s not customer facing I definitely don’t go for anything too out there at work. In fact, I rarely look in the mirror all day so I always  go for something that I know will fade evenly and will be super comfortable. I leave it all to the weekend until I can play about a little more with makeup! What does your work week in lipstick look like?

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