Why I Won’t Nominate You

Why I Won't Nominate You | Essential Twenty

It’s that time of year again where Hayley (one of my blogging baes and we’re actually going on holiday together this summer – eek) has launched her annual Bloggers Blog Awards. I was a judge on the dating category and was lucky enough to attend last year, and this year I’m judging the food category and will hopefully attend again this year. However, it’s been less than a week since the nominations opened and I am sick to the back teeth of people asking to be nominated. There are a number of reasons why I won’t nominate you if you beg, and that’s what today’s post is all about (as well as hyping up the awards because I’m so excited).

I see the awards as a chance for the underdog to be noticed. As an underdog in the blogging world anyway, I like to praise my peers and give them a shot rather than the big guys constantly getting all the credit. In terms of brand work, I completely understand why the bigger bloggers get everything as brands want coverage. But when it comes to an awards by a blogger, it’s the perfect time for us lesser guys to shine through.

The people who seem to repeatedly ask for votes are the people who are what I’d class as a medium blogger. Maybe not necessarily well known in the general public, but in their niche (and the surrounding niches), they have the biggest voices. You know who I mean – the people with 15-20k twitter followers and a fair few thousand on insta. These are the people who don’t have just their niche following them. They can get their voices heard, rather than the bloggers with 1-2k on twitter and zero presence anywhere else.

The begging for votes feels like peer pressure. You know when the popular kids in the playground say they love Gareth Gates so you pretend to love him when you were really a Will Young fanatic on a Saturday night? You end up lying about who you’re voting for because you don’t want to offend the popular people. Well I’m not doing it this year (actually I never lied last year, I just refused to tell people who I voted for because I didn’t want to upset people). This year I’m going to shout from the rooftops who I voted for – after nominations have closed – and be happy for whoever actually gets shortlisted.

Why I Won't Nominate You | Essential Twenty

Seriously, I’m sick of the begging. I’m sick of the relentless tweets. If you’re worthy of a nomination then someone will nominate you without you having to ask. Sure, we all joke with our pals that we should be nominated (especially when you see the prize list – why, oh why, am I not a vlogger?) but the begging on twitter is getting out of hand. I hate that it always ends in sulking that your particular niche – even if it’s the most obscure niche with nobody in the category other that you – isn’t represented. The whining, sulking and begging defeats the object of the awards – to be celebrated as a blogger.

To me, these are the awards where you can truly vote for your favourite. This is the time where I won’t be voting for my blogger friends unless I think they are deserving. I am actually yet to nominate anyone for an award as I want to see who I think needs their voices heard. The way that these awards work is thatanyone with a blog has a shot. Anybody who is nominated could potentially get shortlisted so vote for your underdog!

Okay, so reading back on this post a couple of hours later it isn’t as coherent as I’d like it to be. However, this weekend I will be submitting my vote for who I truly think deserves to win (me, of course…just kidding). Hopefully if you’ve not put forward your nominations yet you will follow me in terms of voting for who you want to be shortlisted rather than being tricked into picking the bigger blogger just because they’re, well, big.

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