Where To Buy Makeup On A Budget

If, like me, you love to get your hands on makeup but have a limited budget (one more year of being on a student budget, and I can’t wait to have my own money again), there are a few things you can do.

Of course everybody knows about Boots having 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price deals all the time, but I’ve got some ways that mean you don’t need to depart with your cash unless there is something that you’re desperate for. Here are my top tips to get makeup at discount prices.

Go into TK Maxx TK Maxx is an Aladdin’s cave for makeup goodies. Whether that be actual cosmetics or the tools to go with them. Over the last year, I’ve bought 3 Revlon Lip Butters for £7.99 (when they retail for £7.99 each), two Stila Palettes for £10 each, Maybelline Mascara for half price, eyelash curlers, lashes and a number of other bits. It takes some searching, and checking that someone else hasn’t already stuck their finger into the one cream blush you wanted, but if you spend time doing it, you can really reap the rewards. They also sell high end skin and hair care which are worth checking out too. If you’re in an outlet park or village, you can also pop into The Cosmetics Company as they sell products by companies under the Estée Lauder umbrella at a discounted rate. From the store in Bicester last summer, I bought the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat for a mere £10.

Check Online Usually, a lot of products can be cheaper online, especially during sale periods. I’ve picked up eyeshadows for half price on Amazon, my Nars Orgasm Blush came from ASOS for £17 (and they often put sales on their beauty section), and people sell all sorts on eBay. Depop may be worth a look, so are blog sales, but I’ve personally never bought anything from those two.

Independent Shops In Huddersfield, there is a shop called The Look which I assumed was a perfume shop, but it wasn’t until a month or so ago, I called in and found so much makeup. They stock W7 (great for dupes) which can be difficult to find in most stores, but also have numerous other drugstore makeup at a highly discounted price. They had pretty much everything that you’d find in Boots, and I managed to also pick up a Kate Moss Matte lipstick for a measly £3.They are a family owned business so I don’t think they’re anywhere else, but you might be able to find something similar local to you.

Don’t forget Pound Shops It may surprise you to hear that the likes of Poundland and Pound World sell drugstore makeup. I’ve bought many a Rimmel, Maybelline and NYC product in my local pound shops and they’re worth checking every week or two. Some of the colours can be questionable, but other times there have been some gorgeous bits. B&M and Poundstretcher also sell some cosmetics, so they’re a couple of other places to consisder.

So those are my top little known tips, for picking up makeup at discount prices. It takes some searching, but if you want it, you’ll try it. And if you’re into makeup as much as I am, it’s worth it.

What are your top tips for saving money on makeup?

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