What’s On Top Of My Makeup Storage

Being a student means that I don’t have space for a dressing table (cries for days) so I have to do my makeup on a slightly unconventional surface in the mornings. Like a large number of beauty bloggers out there, I use the IKEA Alex Drawers to store my makeup (I have the 5 drawer as I want to get a second and make a desk from it when I have the space), as well as using the top to store beauty products which I use on a near-daily basis. This also doubles as my boyfriend’s bedside table when he stays over so there’s usually a wallet and a phone floating about there too. I can sit on my bed to apply my makeup, and I store my hair dryer and straighteners to the side.

As I previously said, I tend to store things that I need everyday on here, unless they look overly unsightly, and then they get thrown in the bottom drawer (read: deodorant).

I always have a candle lit when I’m in my bedroom, and the one I’m burning at the minute is one from Dunelm in the scent Mulberry. Dunelm candles smell beautiful and only cost £1 each so next time you’re going past, pick a few up. Since Halloween is coming up, I also have this ghost tea light holder which is from Poundland. It’s so adorable, but I don’t have any tealights at the minute (note to self, head to Primark to get more tealights). I also keep my cotton pads in the green jar which was also from Poundland. You can pick up some extremely cheap alternative storage solutions in pound shops so they’re worth checking out. My mirror is from No 7 and these are always on a great deal around Christmas so keep your eye out for one. I love that it lights up around the rim, and I use the 5x zoom on the other side when I need to tame my werewolf brows. At the side of the drawers I keep my A1 sheet of poster board which I use for flat lay photography.

As mentioned in my Little Drugstore Makeup Haul which I posted back in August, I store my makeup brushes in these tins from Tiger. The majority of my makeup brushes are from Real Techniques and eBay, but I also have a couple of MAC, Zoeva and Eco Tools ones in there too. I’ve also slotted some Christmas earrings from Primark down the side for now so that I remember to wear them when the season rolls around (I’m the worst at remembering to put earrings in).

In these little pots (which are old candle and dessert holders), I store bits and pieces I might need. I have a couple of hair clips, a few grips, my Bobbi Brown tweezers, the odd hair tye, white tack for blog photos, and all the mini sponge eyeshadow applicators which come in the drugstore palettes. I also keep my Tangle Teezer here as this keeps it in easy reach.

Towards the back on the drawers, I have this ceramic heart which my mum bought for me when I was home for Christmas during my first year of university. It reads Life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you home, which I love, but I just don’t have anywhere to hang it right now. I also keep my every day body spray and perfume on here. These are Hollister Solana Beach and CK One Shock (which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday last year. Speaking of birthdays, I have a ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ post coming on Sunday) and if I don’t leave them out, I won’t use them. I also have the No 7 Brush Cleaner which I use for spot cleaning my brushes, Stop’n’Grow because I am the worst for biting my nails, and a travel size bottle of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (again, I would forget to use it if it wasn’t in sight).

During the cooler months, I go lip balm crazy. I got this jar from Home Bargains for 99p about a month ago and it’s the perfect size for storing my lipbalms. My current favourites are Carmex, EOS, and The Body Shop Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm.

It’s very overcrowded, and I desperately need a real dressing table, but this is my make shift whilst I’m a poor, spaceless student. I’m also thinking about writing a ‘What’s on my Bedside Table’ post, so let me know if you’d like to read that.

What are your must haves on your dressing table? Or do you prefer it to be empty so you have space to apply makeup?

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