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Firstly, let’s all get excited because this is the first post that I’ve use my brand new Olympus Pen EPL-7 which I got at the weekend as a very belated Christmas present. Secondly, the poll I ran to decide Tuesday’s post announced this as runner up so I though I’d write it for today.


I have an iPhone 6 and have had it for just over a year now, but I’ve been an iPhone user for 5 years now so most of these habits have stuck since day one. I’m a folder girl when it comes to my phone. Everything fits into it’s little box and has it’s own friends to sit with. Everything is on one page, and all notifications have to be read (I’m not about that 3029 unread emails life). Behind this read more is all about how I organise my phone and which apps I can’t live without.

My current wallpaper is this cute little lemon one which I found on pinterest (the best link I can find is here). I tend to go for something seasonal but since Easter is a little far away, I’ve opted for a bit of fruity artwork. I tend to get all my wallpapers from pinterest as there is always a collection of cute ones for me to pick from.


Apps that come preloaded onto the phone tend to stay where they are, including those on the bottom row. However, certain apple apps get organised into appropriate folders such as iTunes and App Store.


My social media folder is the one I go into most. My most used apps are twitter, feacebook, whatsapp and snapchat. I very rarely use the other apps in there but I think I’d panic without them. My least used is Hootsuite because it never seems to work properly for me.


My photography folder is pretty self explanatory – the camera app, the video app (which I never use), instagram, VSCO and Olympus Share. I feel like instagram should be in my social media app but it’s easier to flick between other photography apps if it’s stored in there. I edit all my photos for instagram on VSCO and the olympus share app is a new addition for my camera. If you want me to post about my olympus pen let me know.


My utilities folder is really full of random apps like weather and O2 priority, but that’s not an important folder really. My entertainment folder just has a few apps that I very rarely use, bar pinterest, but not sure I want to get rid of or can’t get rid of.


My music updates on the regular and at the minute I have Adele and Sia. I’m seeing Adele in less than a month (yay) and I’m obsessed with Sia’s latest album so they’re there for when I’m stuck in the library doing dissertation work (yawn).


I don’t know if this is what you were expecting but it’s what you’ve got. This was a little bit of a rushed post because dissertation work. Give me one more month and I can post properly again! Hope you’re all doing fabulously and thanks so much for the lovely comments you left on Tuesday’s post (I will get back to you soon about it all)!

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  • Great post!! I love VSCO cam xx http://www.britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  • I have soooo many apps. How do you survive with so little apps? I don’t know hootsuite, what is it for?

    Be | lovefrombe

    • It wastes space and also I have an iPad so games etc are all on there. Hootsuite is for social media and I occasionally use it to schedule tweets on the go x

  • Sana

    Storage is always a problem. My phone is packed with photos and videos (memories! lol) and it’s so annoying having to transfer photos n videos on my laptop every once in a while.

  • chantelle moore (chanbelle)

    we are complete opposites!! I have TONNS of unneeded apps and none are in folders!! I think its time to take your approach it looks so much cleaner and simple haha!
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle