What I’ve Been Loving on Netflix #1

Approximately 12 hours ago, I had no blog post for today. I could’ve just left it at that and just said ‘You know what, it’s my blog I don’t have to stick to the schedule’. But I couldn’t. Hence why this post is coming your way today.


I love Netflix. I would give up buying pesto every week if it meant I could still have Netflix (I’m a pesto lover and I would cry if I had to give it up, though not as much as if I had to give up Netflix). As a student, Netflix is a life saver because it’s cheaper than a TV licence and doesn’t mean you’re breaking the law. Yay to being a law abiding citizen.

With all the hype surrounding Making A Murderer at the minute (yes, I’ve seen it; no, I don’t agree that trial was conducted correctly), I thought I’d share my top three shows on Netflix with you from over the last few months.

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl is one of those shows that I go back to again and again. It’s easy watching, and I want Blair’s wardrobe. If you haven’t seen this, I won’t spoil the massive plot twist that comes at the end of the series but if you’ve not watched it then why not? I’m currently halfway through season 3 for the bajillionth time and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon.

Gossip Girl

Pretty Little Liars
This isn’t something I’ve watched recently but it is coming back next week and I’m so excited because PLL is my life. Again, if you haven’t watched this I don’t know why not because before Christmas there was a lot of hype surrounding this show. Watch it and get as angry about being given 10 more questions for every answer you get about A.

Pretty Little Liars

Life Unexpected
Maybe a slightly lesser known show, but Life Unexpected is about a girl who instead of getting emancipated gets forced back into the care of her biological parents who gave her up as they were teenagers at the time. This is quite a light show but with enough drama to keep you hooked. I’m actually gutted it got cancelled after 2 seasons because it definitely could’ve got a lot deeper than it did.

Life Unexpected

Of course I loved Making A Murderer, got hooked on The Vampire Diaries and am a sucker for my favourite comedy shows such as Outnumbered and Miranda. Plus, I’m desperate to get back into How To Get Away With Murder as I watched it during the front part of the season, and need to know how it ends (I just forgot to watch it).

What are you favourite Netflix shows? Or are you an Amazon Prime fan or do you stick to live tv?

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