What I HATE About Summer

After a few false starts, it seems like summer is finally upon us (although I just looked at the weather for next week and it doesn’t look like it’s sticking around for much longer. We had a good week). Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I love being able to be outside, I love BBQs – give me aaaaallll the halloumi. I love how much more sociable life is in the summer. But I do have some real hates with summer.


Sometimes all I want is to curl up with a hot chocolate under the duvet and watch the snow. And we’re not getting that in summer (well, not this summer anyway).

The Humidity
Heat doesn’t bother me, it’s the frigging humidity that does. Humidity leads to me sweating (and frizzy hair for some people, although that I don’t have that problem), which just leads to be being hella uncomfortable. Take me back to Colorado where there was minimal humidity and you could wear a bright top without seeing pit stains and a rucksack without your back sweating (it was still warm, just a comfortable heat).

The Chafing
If you’re more than a size 6, you’re probably lacking that coveted thigh gap. That means your thighs probably chafe (as well as other body parts but I only get it on my thighs). It’s fine when I can wear shorts, but I don’t think they’re appropriate for work. And having a 40 minute walk each way to work isn’t comfortable on my poor thighs. Pro Tip: Antiperspirant rubbed in the area that you chafe will prevent this. I keep a mini of Mitchum Roll On Deodorant in my bag at all times through summer for when I’m going to be wearing a skirt or dress.

The Insects
Can the insects that bite my arms just go away please? Funnily enough, the insects abroad leave me alone but you can guarantee I’ll be the first to get bitten if we’re sitting in the garden at home. I got bitten about 7 times at my boyfriend’s this weekend after sitting out in the sun!

The Sun Burn
I’m really good at applying facial SPF. I make sure I do it as part of my morning routine, especially in summer (if you’re looking for some recommendation on facial SPF, check out this post by Hannah). But somehow I always forget to apply it to the rest of my body. I know it’s important but there’s something about the smell and application that makes me resent wearing it, that’s if I remember to apply it. I may not have the palest of pale skins, but my shoulders get a beating every summer without fail (factor 50 or not).

The Unflattering Clothes
I personally feel like the summer clothes market for the average-sized twenty something is lacking, especially if they’re body conscious. I do not want to wear denim shorts that barely cover my bum, but the shorts I do want to wear seem to be catered more for the older generation. I’m fine with getting my thighs out, but I want loose clothes! I’m a 10-14 (depends on the day and which store we’re talking about) and I find it really hard to find summer clothes that I love. Each summer I seem to go back to the same pair of black cargo shorts I’ve had since I was 13!

The Sweat
Specifically underboob sweat, although it’s not limited to that region. No, it is everywhere. Underboob, armpit, stomach folds, feet, face and somehow bum crack. I just feel gross and feel like I want to be in a cold shower every 5 minutes.

But being the typical Brit that I am, you can guarantee as soon as the weather goes below around 13 degrees I’ll be complaining again! And that leads me to my final point.

The Inevitable End
Why does summer last around 3 weeks but winter seem to last for around 8 months in the UK? Just as I’m getting used to all the things that I hate about summer, the bitter cold sneaks up on me and I am willing for the humidity and the underboob sweat ones more.

What are your pet hates about summer? Everyone must have one or two. Go on, share them with me and we can complain together!


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