VO5 Express Primer Spray Review

VO5 Express Primer Spray | Essential Twenty

I’m pretty crap at using more than shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo in my hair. But with summer coming up and I know I’m going to have 7 whole weeks off work (basically the only perk of working in education is the long holiday) I want to get into a better routine with my hair. So with time on my hands and a lot of products to try out, I have a mission on my hands. Starting over a month before I go on break, as I mean to go on, I’ve been testing out a fairly new product to hit the high street shelves: the VO5 Express Primer Spray*.

When I saw the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, I was certainly intrigued. But at £17 a pop? No thank you! Fortunately, VO5 have done us a solid and brought out a seemingly similar product for under £5, and I can finally see the hype behind a blow dry primer.

The idea behind this spray is to reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair whilst defending your hair against heat damage and detangling. A 3-in-1 is definitely a product I can get behind! I always forget to use heat defence (bad habit), but I know I am more likely to use a product if it has more than one use.

VO5 Express Primer Spray | Essential Twenty

I have really fine hair, so I’ve never found the need to go on the hunt for a product to reduce blow drying time. However, I was surprised how there was a slight reduction in blow drying time so for my hair it works! I’m definitely interested to see whether or not this VO5 Express Primer Spray actually works in thicker hair. In terms of heat protecting, I can’t tell you if it’s working or not. I feel like heat defence sprays are more products you notice if they’re not working, rather than if they are. And for the detangling part, it does work a little bit. It’s no Urtekram Rose Spray In Conditioner but it does smooth the hair and seems to prevent any major knots post-hair wash.

So a pretty decent hair product that doesn’t cost the earth? I’m definitely game to use this a little more in the future! Have you tried this VO5 Express Primer Spray, or the very similar Redken version? I’m tempted to pick up the rival, just to see whether the price difference makes a big difference in terms of results. But for now, I’m content with this drugstore option!

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