Urban Decay 1993: Vice Liquid Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 1993 | Essential Twenty

It’s no secret that I love Urban Decay. They’re one of my favourite brands and this is the first of two posts I’ve got about their products in the next few days. We all know that matte lips are my thing, so when Urban Decay launched their Vice Liquid Lipsticks, I was fully on board.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 1993 Packaging | Essential Twenty

Initially Urban Decay launched a handful of of their liquid lipsticks and since I knew I already loved the colour of 1993, I decided this would be my first shade from the range. £15.50 is a reasonable price for what I usually pay for a liquid lipstick, and since I love the brand I was happy to to pay the price. And now I kind of wish I hadn’t.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 1993 Packaging | Essential Twenty

Whilst the lipstick was long lasting, it was not comfortable to wear. They weren’t drying, but that’s because they never really dried. I applied the lipstick at 10am, and it was still tacky at 2pm – not cool. It’s also streaky. Basically Urban Decay, what have you done with these? They’re also pretty thick so you can only really apply one coat without it looking ridiculous. Sure, it looks fine on but with so many better liquid lipsticks on the market why would I want an ‘okay’ product?

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 1993 Swatches | Essential Twenty

Colour wise, it’s pretty consistent with the original shade of 1993, although the liquid version is a little bit warmer. The original lipstick dries down quicker, they’re more comfortable to wear and I honestly prefer the colour a little more.

I had such high hopes for these liquid lipsticks and I’m so disappointed. I’ve read mixed reviews about these, depending on the colour, so there’s a good chance that other shades are better, but I wouldn’t bother with 1993. To be honest, I’d say that if you love a shade, just stick with the original Vice version.

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